Girl With a Pearl Earring

Delft, Holland, 1665. Griet comes to serve in house Johannes Vermeer, who, aware of the talents of the young to perceive light and color, will gradually introducing it into the world of his painting. Maria Thins, Vermeer’s mother in law, seeing that Griet has become the muse of the painter, decided not to interfere in his relationship with the hope ... Read More »

The Vampire Sisters

Dakaria and Sylvania are two 12 year old twin sisters who move with their parents to a German city to start a new life. Nothing special, if not because his mother is human, a vampire father and two daughters are not only half human, half vampire. After twelve years lived clandestinely in Transylvania, the Tepes family, to please the mother, ... Read More »

Meet the Mormons

It examines various lives of six devout members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Shot in various locations around the world, Meet the Mormons takes us on a journey into the true stories of everyday people living in the US, Costa Rica, Nepal and beyond. From their individual passions to their daily struggles, each story paints a ... Read More »

One Direction: Where We Are

The world’s largest band and global pop superstars, One Direction, bring their epic world tour ‘Where We Are’ to theaters worldwide. Join Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis in their first experience of a One Direction concert on the big screen. Recorded in the famous San Siro stadium in Milan, enjoy 75 minutes of all their hits, plus 15 minutes ... Read More »

Never Back Down

In an attempt to fit in the new town, Jack Tyler (Sean Faris) accepts the invitation of his colleague Baja (Amber Heard) to go to a party, where you just engaged in a tough fight. After being beaten and humiliated by Ryan McDonald (Cam Gigandet), a colleague tells him about the sport known as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and introduces ... Read More »

Rosangela Espinoza trend like Milett Figueroa?

Rosangela Espinoza

After spreading the intimate video of Milett Figueroa it has spread a rumor on social networks. And there are many pages and people who claim to have an intimate video of the model Rosangela Espinoza. However, as happened to the video Milett at first, these people are asking ‘Likes’ and ‘Shared’ on the social network Facebook in exchange for posting ... Read More »

Mariana Farjat new trend

Mariana Farjat new trend

  The girl’s Student Management Media and Entertainment UADE and hung his career to enter the most famous house in the country. This afternoon, in BDV Angel de Brito showed images of material and elaborated on the girl. “This girl sent the video to a man. She is young, does not reach 30,” said the driver. “The video is edited ... Read More »

Falsos Profetas: La Historia de Gonzalez

It focuses on the life of Gonzalez, a solitary man living in the world’s largest city, and is desperate to stay afloat and end up with all your debts. Gonzalez found in religion possible to overcome all problems. But now, in what is becoming ended this man? In a false prophet who sought only to take advantage of people’s faith? ... Read More »

Las oscuras primaveras

Igor and Pina is deeply desire, but are not free. She decides to make a lion costume for your child. He decides to buy a copier for your wife. Spring will come to liberate them, filling his life with passion and guilt. Read More »

Los protegidos

TV series (2010-2012). 3 seasons. 41 episodes. Mario discovers astonished that his son Carlos has the power to move objects with his mind. Jimena jumps up in the middle of the night while his White daughter is kidnapped by men who take her on a black car. The strangest thing is that the child had already predicted that this would ... Read More »