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Buster Moon is an elegant koala that runs a theater that knew better times. Buster is a born optimist, which is fine if he was not a little scoundrel, who loves his theater with passion and is capable of anything to save him. He knows that the dream of his life is about to disappear and he only has an ... Read More »

The canal

While file classified material rolled in the early twentieth century, David discovers that his house was the scene of a terrible crime. A tragic fact that threatens to cast a ghostly shadow over the life of the protagonist. Using images file as something creepy, The Canal becomes a large sample of psychological terror. Read More »

The Fencer

Fleeing the Russian secret police, Endel, a young fencing champion, was forced to return to his homeland, where he became professor of physical education at a local school. But last puts you face a difficult choice. Read More »


TV series. Tells the story of eight strangers from around the world that after a tragic death, are emotionally and mentally connected. Read More »