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Pas son genre

The film recounts the meeting between a Parisian philosophy professor destined for one year at a center in a rural area and a young hairdresser without intellectual pretension that will eventually become his mistress.   Read More »

Fidelio, l’odyssée d’Alice

Alice is seaworthy and is engaged to Feliz, that waiting on dry land, while she works on the old freighter. Between them the unexpected presence of an uncomfortable third insinuates, the commander Gaël is nothing less than the first great love of the young sailor. In the cabin occupied by his predecessor, who died recently on board, Alice finds a ... Read More »

La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

For several months between 1978 and 1979, residents of a quiet district on the outskirts of Paris lived in terror because of a maniac who was engaged in murdering girls. Surprisingly, the murderer escapes with ease raids and traps that tends police. Read More »

Papa ou maman

Florence and Vincent are a couple of winners. So when the time of his divorce comes, they both want to win. The fight for custody of their children and, ultimately, to become champions of the process, will be fierce. Read More »


During the course of an investigation, Alex, a police officer is attacked by a mysterious character. In the hospital he meets Leo, a patient eleven years that has the power to leave her body and wheel through walls like a ghost. With the help of Leo and the intrepid journalist Marie, Alex will face the gangster who attacked him and ... Read More »

Gemma Bovery

Adaptación de la novela gráfica de Posy Simmonds que cuenta la historia de Gemma Tate (Gemma Arterton), una joven casada que empezará a dudar entre sus deseos y obligaciones como esposa, cuando su antiguo novio Patrick (Mel Raido) regrese al pequeño pueblo normando donde viven. Read More »

La French (The Connection)

1975. Pierre Michel is a young magistrate who has just been transferred to Marseille to help in the fight against organized crime. He decides to attack the French Connection, an operation Mafia heroin exported worldwide. Without hearing the warnings, Pierre leads a crusade against Gaëtan Zampa, untouchable godfather. But soon he will understand that to get results, you must change ... Read More »

Une promesse (A Promise)

Germany, 1912, shortly before the First World War. A young graduate of humble origin becomes secretary and confidante of a wealthy businessman of steel. As his close working relationship, the young will often go to the domicile of the employer, a beautiful and quiet much younger than her husband. Among them will emerge such a secret passionate relationship as platonic, ... Read More »


To escape the civil war in Sri Lanka, Dheepan poses as his wife a woman and her son to a girl with the hope that his deception will readily granted the right of asylum in France. The “hero” of the film, after being a street vendor, found a job as caretaker of a building in a troubled suburb. Going forth ... Read More »