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Mon roi

The story follows Tony, who is admitted to a rehabilitation center after a serious fall skiing. Dependent medical staff and painkillers, take the time to remember a tumultuous history with Georgio. Why they have wanted? who is really the man she loved? How he was able to undergo as stifling as destructive passion? Tony now begins a tough reconstruction, a ... Read More »

Le nouveau (The New Kid)

Benoit, a boy of fourteen, has left the field to move to Paris. His first day at school turns out to be more difficult than expected, and soon feels isolated. Until one day, Johanna, a new Swedish partner, arrives to class. Benoit decides to throw a party at home, but only three people … three nerds, Aglaée, Red Head and ... Read More »


In a small French population, Judge Michel Racine is president of a feared criminal court. So hard on himself and with others, it is nicknamed “the judge of the two figures” with him, always fall more than ten years. Everything changes the day he meets Racine Ditte Lorensen-Coteret. She is a member of the jury that will judge a man ... Read More »

Trois couleurs: Bleu

In a car accident, Jolie lost her husband Patrice, a renowned composer, and his daughter Anna. When recovering from his injuries, he decides to start a new life, independent, solitary and anonymous, away from the privileges previously enjoyed. Olivier’s assistant Patrice, tries out of its isolation. Olivier is in love with her for many years and just convincing to end ... Read More »

Les Cowboys

A vast prairie in eastern France, hosts a meeting of lovers country lifestyle and American West. Alain dances with his daughter Kelly, 16, his wife and young son of the family, Kid, watch them from the background. But that same day Kelly disappeared and the family crumbles. Alain began a relentless search to find her daughter, even if it costs ... Read More »


In a small village, north of Turkey five orphaned sisters aged between 12 and 16 years spend the summer in a garden paradise of laughter and innocent games on the waves of the Black Sea with the kids at school. However, the status of women in the country will soon lead to rumors of immorality and scandal young, so his ... Read More »

La loi du marché

The story of Thierry, a man of 51 years, after 20 months of unemployment, will begin a new job where he soon will face a moral dilemma: can accept anything in order to keep your job? Read More »

Saint Laurent

Biopic del diseñador francés Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008), en especial durante sus años jóvenes, en los años 60 y 70, y su ascenso al olimpo de la alta costura. Read More »

Le grand jour

It tells the true story of Nidhi (15 years, India), DGII (11 years, Mongolia), Tom (19 years, Uganda) and Albert (11 years, Cuba), two girls and two boys from different parts of the world thatThey are facing a test that will change and improve their lives forever. “The great day” is about the four heroes and take months, even years, ... Read More »

Casse-tête chinois

Long after your course of Erasmus in Spain, Xavier is married and has two children, but still continues to find life very difficult. When his wife moved to New York for work, unable to bear the situation, decides to follow with children. Third installment of the saga that began with “L’auberge spagnole” and “The Russian Dolls”. Read More »