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Me Before You

The young twentysomething Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) lives in a small town in the middle of the English countryside. Without a clear direction in your life, unstable and creative, Lou goes from job to job to help her family make ends meet. However, his usual cheerful attitude is tested when facing a new challenge. Accepts a job at the ... Read More »

Independence day 2

Using technology obtained from aliens 20 years ago, the nations of the Earth, who fear the return of the invaders, have collaborated on the development of a gigantic defense program to protect the planet. But it is not certain that this program will serve to meet the advanced and unprecedented resources of the attackers. Perhaps only the inventiveness of a ... Read More »

The shannara chronicles

In the beginning of time, our planet was populated by magical creatures. The elves used magic for good, while those who channeled their power for destructive purposes became demons. When the demons attacked the elves in order to annihilate latter imprisoning eradicated evil demons in the magical tree known as Ellcrys. While the Ellcrys him nothing happened, there was no ... Read More »

Ice Age: Collision Course

In this fifth installment of the saga, the obsessive search of acorns by causing Scrat just accidentally put an asteroid heading to Earth, threatening to end the ice age. Sid, Manny, Diego and the other members of the pack will have to embark on an adventure to try to prevent it. Read More »

The Dressmaker

Australia, 50s Tilly Dunnage (Kate Winslet), a glamorous fashion designer, returns home in the village of Dungatar cloudy after many years working in exclusive fashion houses of Paris, with the aim of closing wounds of the past and take revenge on those who she was forced to leave years ago .. there will not only be reconciled with Molly (Judy ... Read More »

The Nice Guys

Set in Los Angeles during the 70s, revolves around Detective Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and paid hitman Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe), who are forced to work together to solve the case of a missing girl, death a porn star and a criminal conspiracy that reaches the highest levels Read More »

Finding Dory

A year after the events of “Finding Nemo”, the amnesiac Dory start a trip along the entire coast of California to meet his family. Sequel to “Finding Nemo”. Read More »

The Boss

The richest woman in America is sent to prison when found guilty of influence peddling. After leaving and ready to be reborn as a favorite businesswoman United States, he finds he has to start from scratch with a former employee of yours. Read More »

The Conjuring 2

Sequel to the successful “Warren Files” (2013), which leads back to the screen another real case records demonologists renowned Ed and Lorraine Warren. In this case both travel to north London to help a single mother who is charged with four children and lives alone with them in a house riddled with evil spirits. Read More »