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Eye in the Sky

Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren), an official of British military intelligence, leads a secret operation to capture a group of terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya. When he realizes that terrorists are on a suicide mission, she must change his plans to ‘capture’ to ‘kill’. US drone pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) receives the order to destroy the haven where terrorists are, ... Read More »

Triple 9

“Triple Nine” is a police code that means immediate help. A group of criminals and corrupt cops in Los Angeles plan to activate this alert to divert the attention of the police towards the other end of the city where they are perpetrating a big robbery. Read More »

La punta del iceberg

A large multinational company is shaken by the suicide of three of its employees. Sofia Cuevas (Maribel Verdu), a senior official of the company, is responsible for carrying out an internal report to try to clarify what happened. In his meetings with the workers will discover abuses of power, lies and a sickly covert work environment. Read More »


Two brothers meet again after five years. One has been in jail. The other has stolen a dangerous fence and now runs away with Diana, her young daughter. The three embark on a journey by a violent Andalusia, mythical, rugged and wild. A journey in which old wounds appear and in which the brothers are forced to reconcile himself to ... Read More »

A Conspiracy of Faith

An old message is found in a bottle in Scotland after a long journey across the ocean. The note is difficult to decipher, but when Danish researcher of the department Q succeeds, will deal with your particular team abandoned solve another diabolical case even though the traces of this virtually disappeared Read More »

Secret In Their Eyes

Two FBI investigators with a close relationship, Ray and Jess, are relieved of his post, along with the Supervisor District Attorney Claire when teenage daughter Jess appears brutally murdered. Thirteen years later, after searching tirelessly every day the murderer, Ray finally finds a clue to solve the case … Remake of “The Secret in Their Eyes” (2009). Read More »

The Invitation

Will y Eden perdieron a su hijo años atrás. La tragedia afectó su relación de forma irreversible, hasta el punto de que ella desapareció de la noche a la mañana. Un día, Eden regresa a la ciudad; se ha vuelto a casar y en ella parece haber cambiado algo, convirtiéndola en una presencia inquietante e irreconocible incluso para Will. Read More »

Lobos sucios

Manuela (Marian Alvarez) is a mining rejected for being half -meiga- witch, but able to embark on a theft from the Nazis for trying to heal his sick daughter. For his Candela (Manuela Velles) part is his little sister, who accompanies him in this great adventure, in which they show that two Galician mining could change the course of history ... Read More »


A psychologist sees turn your life into chaos to discover that all their patients are the ghosts of people killed in an accident happened 20 years ago. Read More »