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Stranger Things

TV Series (2016). 8 episodes. Homage to classic supernatural mysteries of the 80s, Stranger Things is the story of a boy who disappears without a trace map. In his desperate search both your friends and family and the local police are involved in an extraordinary enigma: state-secret experiments, terrifying paranormal forces and a very, very rare girl. Read More »


When the mountain pass Åkneset falls on the narrow Norwegian fjord Geiranger a violent wave of 85 meters that threatens to raze everything is created. Read More »

The Shallows

Nancy (Blake Lively) is a young man who tries to overcome the loss of his mother. One day is surfing on a secluded beach when it gets trapped in an islet just a few meters from the coast and although it is only 100 meters of salvation, to achieve will have to pull all its resources and will, as an ... Read More »

The purge 3

Third installment of the franchise ‘The Purge’ trash ‘The Purge. The night of the beasts’ and ‘Anarchy: The night of the beasts’.   Read More »

Al final del túnel

Joaquín es un hombre que está en silla de ruedas. Su casa, que conoció tiempos mejores, ahora es lúgubre y oscura. Berta, bailarina de striptease y su hija Betty llaman un día a su puerta respondiendo a un anuncio que puso Joaquín para alquilar una habitación. Su presencia alegra la casa y anima la vida de Joaquín. Una noche trabajando ... Read More »

Algunas chicas

Under the guise of a marital crisis, the surgeon Celina takes a few days in the country house of an old friend who has not seen since his student days. There warns that something seems to happen with Paula, the stepdaughter of her friend, who is conspicuous by its absence. Two girls, the Nene mysticism and cynical Maria Celina beset ... Read More »


Amira (Viviana Rodriguez), is a journalist looking for the story that will take off his career. Suddenly he will be involved in a complex plot when a masked police enigmatic sends videos showing the kidnapping and punishment of pedophiles. Commissioner Fuenzalida (Ramón González), the PDI investigating the case and will press Amira to reveal the identity of “Mirubín”. She will ... Read More »

Un homme idéal

At 25 years, Mathieu, is aspiring to become an author of prestige: a dream that seems unreachable because, despite all their efforts, can not get you edit anything. Meanwhile, life is gained in the mover of his uncle. Their fate will overturn the day, by chance, you come across the manuscript of a lonely old man who has just died. ... Read More »


Adaptation of High Rise, a novel published by J. G. Ballard in the mid-70s. The story chronicles the arrival of Dr. Robert Laing to the Elysium Tower, a huge skyscraper in which a world apart develops, which seems to be the ideal society. But secretly, the newcomer will feel disturbed by the possibility that this utopian order is not so. ... Read More »