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Blair Witch

Sequel to “The Blair Witch Project”. Some students venture into the Black Hills forests of Maryland to try to discover what happened in the disappearance of the sister of James, related to the legend of the Blair Witch. Soon a couple of locals offered to be their guides in the woods. Read More »


A high school student finds herself immersed in an online game of “truth or action” (Truth or Dare), where every movement begins to be manipulated by an anonymous community of “observers”. Read More »

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne has recovered his memory, but that does not mean that the most lethal agent of the elite troops of the CIA knows everything. Twelve years have passed since the last time Bourne was operating in the shadows. What has happened since? you still have many unanswered questions. In the midst of a troubled world, buffeted by the economic ... Read More »

Mechanic: Resurection

Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) thought he had left behind his criminal past but is again with him at the time when the woman in his life is kidnapped by one of its greatest enemies. Because of this, he is forced to travel the world to perform three impossible killings and make his specialty in the eyes of others are accidents. Read More »


TV Series (2011-Present). Sergeant Nicholas Brody Navy (Damian Lewis) returns home eight years after his disappearance in Iraq, where he lived imprisoned and tortured. Finally, a special forces command locates during a mission. Young Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), an impulsive and intuitive CIA agent, suspects that Brody has gone over to the enemy during his captivity, for a few months ... Read More »

Alfred Hitchcock presenta

TV Series 363 chapters (1955-1965) created by Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense. It was broadcast on CBS (1955-1964) and NBC (1964-1965) under the name of “The Alfred Hitchcock Hour”. All the stories were characterized as presented personally by Hitchcock. Read More »

Dont Breathe

Some young thieves believe they have found the opportunity to commit the perfect robbery. Your goal will be a blind lone holder of millions of dollars hidden. But as soon as they enter your home they will be aware of their error, because they will find themselves trapped and struggling to survive against a psychopath with their own secrets and ... Read More »

The Whole Truth

Attorney Richard Ramsey working on a difficult case. You must defend a 17-year-old, who is suspected of murdering his millionaire father. Janelle Ramsey recruit, a young lawyer, to help him in his work, for he is determined to discover the truth about what happened that day.   Read More »