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A charismatic defense attorney and a powerhouse television producer work together to control the media following a high-profile incident. Read More »


TV adaptation of the film “Frequency” directed by Gregory Hoblit in 2000. The story raised the possibility that a child will communicate with his late father, 30 years in the past, through an old radio. Read More »


The legendary MacGyver returns to the small screen after three decades away from television. The classic character will continue to face the most complicated missions thanks to its sharpened wit. Read More »

El hombre de las mil caras

Francisco Paesa (Eduard Fernandez), a former secret agent of the Spanish government, responsible for the most important operation against ETA history, is involved in an extortion case during the crisis of the GAL and has to flee the country. When you return years later he is ruined. In such circumstances, is visited by Luis Roldán (Carlos Santos), former Director General ... Read More »

Tarde para la ira

Madrid, August 2007. Curro enters prison after participating in the robbery of a jewelry store. Eight years later leaves prison wanting to start a new life with his girlfriend Ana and her son, but will encounter an unexpected situation and an unknown: Joseph, who will take you to embark on a strange journey where together ghosts will face the past ... Read More »

The neon demon

An aspiring model is trapped in a world of beauty and death. . In the words of its director, the plot “will take place in Miami and there will be lots of sex” film legend reads: “The Wicked Die Young” (The wicked die young). Read More »


A technology company created an artificial intelligence, without being aware of their true potential. When things start to spiral out of their control, they decide to hire a specialist (Kate Mara) to determine whether the creature kill or keep it on. Read More »

La valija de Benavidez

Benavidez is a professor of plastic, married with a young promise of painting. One night discussed and loads his bag and goes to seek asylum at the house of his psychiatrist, also art collector. The next day he discovers the secret that hides this place: a residence of artists who participate in a treatment designed to expand your creative spectrum. ... Read More »

Los últimos días

  2013. A mysterious disease spreads across the globe. The population dominated by panic, refuses to go outside to prevent sudden death. While civilization crumbles, Marc embarks on an almost impossible mission: finding Julia, his missing girlfriend. Read More »


Patricia is a lawyer who sees his life shattered when his son Victor disappears from school. When the boy returns home, she said a man tried to abduct him and recognizes him in an identification parade. But as the evidence is not definitive, the suspect is released. Afraid that something might happen to her son, Patricia decides to violate the ... Read More »