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NN: Sin Identidad

The remains of a boy missing for political violence have been exhumed but nobody claims. Now with all that has to be identified it is a photograph of a smiling girl found under his shirt. Only a blurred picture, setting a time and a memory … Read More »

Dark Awakening

Shortly after moving in, Jennifer start looking paranormal phenomena. You will soon discover that their new house is inhabited by the ghosts of nine children killed and that her husband may be involved in this curse. Supernatural thriller directed by makeup artist Dean Jones, executive producers of The Ring. Read More »

La viuda negra

Olivia, the new girlfriend of a millionaire named Danny, is young, bright and charming. But Melanie, a friend of Danny, is not as convinced. Learn the secrets of Olivia: lies, embezzlement and multiple marriages, which have made her a wealthy widow. Read More »

La prepago

61 episodes (2013). Ana Lucia is a beautiful young daughter of a traditional family and Social Communication student at a prestigious university in the capital. It maintains a romance with David for some time. He is the great love of Ana Lucia and comes from a wealthy family, which owned companies and paper mills. Both live in different apartments in ... Read More »

The Gift

The lives of a young couple will be totally altered after a last known husband begins to leave mysterious gifts and a horrible secret is revealed after twenty years. Read More »


The House of Horror is a terrible crime focuses on how five young students are brutally murdered inside an abandoned house. Mark Lewis detective and psychologist Elizabeth Klein department focus on John Ascot, the main suspect, who is being interrogated in the police station. During questioning explain what has happened to his friends, who were amateur ghost hunters who were ... Read More »

El clan

The story is based on the police case Clan Puccio, who moved to Argentina society in the early 80’s Behind the facade of Puccio, a typical family of the traditional neighborhood of San Isidro, a clan dedicated to kidnapping sinister hidden and killing people. Archimedes, the patriarch leads and operating plans. Alexander, the eldest son, star of a rugby club ... Read More »

Antes del fuego

The mystery surrounding the death of journalist Roberto Sepulveda, friend and partner of Arthur, trigger a frantic research from fragments of information that will reveal the Colombia of the decade of the 80s and the political situation in the days prior to collection Palace of Justice by the guerrilla group M-19 in the heart of Bogota. Milena Arthur and try ... Read More »

The Vatican Tapes

“The Vatican Tapes” tells the story of Angela Holmes, a 27-year-old accidentally cut his finger and ends up in a hospital. The wound becomes infected and begin to have strange behavior with anyone near him, causing serious injuries and even death. A group of sacedortes Angela examine and come to the conclusion that is possessed. But when the Vatican decided ... Read More »