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The bye bye Man

When three college students move to an old house off campus, they unintentionally free “Bye Bye Man,” a supernatural being who persecutes whoever discovers his name. They will try to keep their existence secret to keep the rest from certain death. Read More »


During one of Oregon’s most violent storms, a young cellist seeks solitude and comfort in the safety of her large apartment, but soon realizes she might not be home alone. Read More »


A neighborhood is attacked by an outbreak of fulminant flu, which soon leaves corpses. Authorities are forced to cordon off the area and quarantine it, leaving a multitude of families isolated. Among them are the Johansson, who must do everything possible to protect themselves while, on the outside, the situation is tense until bursting into chaos. Read More »

Operación México

In a shocked Argentina, in the summer of 1978, militants of an insurgent organization Edgar Tulio Valenzuela (Tucho) and Rachel Black (Mary) with an advanced pregnancy and a young child, are kidnapped by the Armed Forces and transferred to the outskirts of Rosario. A senior Argentine Army does to Tucho a proposal that fulfill betray the ideals to which I ... Read More »

Nunca vas a estar solo

After a violent attack on his gay teen son, John, a manager in a factory retracted mannequins, fight between paying the exorbitant medical costs for your child and a last attempt to become a member of his boss. Deadlocks and unexpected betrayals they will discover that the world he thought he knew was ready to be too violent with him. ... Read More »


David, a young man who suffered a strange variant of schizophrenia, found dead in his bathtub so terrible. He was persecuted and threatened by a presence that was unable to define. All consistent with his illness. His psychiatrist, Dr. Friedhoff, aware of his little progress, decided to subject him to a new and unusual therapy: that video engraven, himself, for ... Read More »

Que Dios nos perdone

Madrid, summer 2011. Economic crisis, Movement 15M and half million pilgrims awaiting the arrival of the Pope live in a hot, violent and chaotic than ever Madrid. In this context, the police inspectors Alfaro (Roberto Álamo) and Velarde (Antonio de la Torre) must find what appears to be a serial murderer as soon as possible and noiselessly. This trial will ... Read More »

Los malditos de Dios

Dr. Hermes Vanth spends most of his day working within the Rivadavia Hospital. Living with fatality is natural for him … until fragments of that fate seems to contaminate your own life. Pursued by an inexplicable string of deaths, both inside and outside the hospital, Hermes discovers something even stranger: the presence of a mysterious old man in each of ... Read More »

The girl on the train

Rachel (Emily Blunt) is a woman devastated by her recent divorce that devotes every morning way to work to fantasize about the life of a seemingly perfect couple living in a home for your train passes every day. But Rachel morning witnesses from the train window of a shocking event and is involved in the mystery reveals itself … adaptation ... Read More »


Chloe, a college student wakes up one morning surrounded by drawings do not remember painted and thinks they are premonitions that something bad will happen. Tormented by nightmares and moments of amnesia, he escapes from the hospital where they have locked and with Josh, embark on a relentless quest that leads them to confront their fears of the past and ... Read More »