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TV Series (2009-2010). 1 season. 22 episodes. Based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer, tells the story of what happens after that, on October 6, 2009, 7,000 million people who inhabit the Earth at once faint and have a vision of what It looks ser- will happen to each of them in the future, namely on 29 April 2010. ... Read More »


TV series (1999-2003). 4 seasons. 88 episodes. US astronaut John Crichton accidentally through a wormhole to a distant place in the galaxy, right in the middle of a space battle and kills inadvertently chief’s brother “Peacemaker” Dancing Crais who swears revenge. In their flight Commander Crichton is attracted by the ship Moya, inhabited by a group of convicted aliens who ... Read More »

The X-Files

TV series (1993-2002). 9 seasons. 202 episodes. Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are two FBI investigators who work in the area of ​​unresolved cases or explanation, either by paranormal reasons (spirits, strange creatures, aliens …) and because the government has undertaken to cover all types of tests. When Mulder was twelve, her little sister was kidnapped by unknown, but according ... Read More »


TV series (2006-2012). 5 seasons. 63 episodes. Eureka is a city in which the leading scientists of the country they live, and where strange physical abnormalities occur. The government created this community, located in the Pacific Northwest, after the development of the atomic bomb. Their goal: make secret experiments. Read More »

The Greatest American Hero

TV Series (1981-1983). 43 episodes. After landing his ship into a desert, aliens delivered to Professor Ralph Hinkley a suit that gives special powers: fly, see through walls or be immune to bullets. But Hinkley loses the instruction manual, so it is not uncommon to see him flying awkwardly and screenprinted against walls and walls. Ralph wants to deliver the ... Read More »

Doctor Who

TV Series (2005-Present). Continuation of the legendary and long-running British series that began in 1963 and lasted until 1989. The Doctor is an adventurer who travels through time and space visiting from alien ghosts of the past to the future, from the day that the Earth died in a ball hsta fire to the universe. Read More »


TV Series (2009-2010). 2 seasons. 27 episodes. Echo is a member of a group of people called “assets” or “Dolls” (Dolls) whose personalities have been eliminated, so that way they can be recipients of any number of personalities, including souvenirs, muscle memory, skills, language, for different missions. These “Dolls” are then hired for certain jobs, crimes, fantasies and occasional good ... Read More »

Defying Gravity

TV Series 13 episodes (2009). On Earth a trip aimed at exploring various planets in search of mineral resources is organized. Expedition astronauts will have to live in space for six years, but it is expected to face any mishap that may arise. Read More »

Day One

TV series (2010). 13 episodes. In a world ravaged by a cataclysm that everything is ignored, a group of survivors try to rebuild society trying to discover the cause of this mysterious catastrophe and what this implies for the future. A group of residents of a housing complex San Fernando Valley come in a great state of confusion and fear ... Read More »

Dark Angel

TV series of 43 episodes (2000-2002). 2009. In a genetic laboratory the US military is working to create an unbeatable group of soldiers through genetic combinations fit them as children of the qualities of a superman. However, a group of boys managed to escape, among them Max Guevara, a 18 years. When Max meets Logan Cale, an intrepid cyberjournalism dedicated ... Read More »