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TV series (1995-2000). 5 seasons. 87 episodes. Quinn, a young physics student, discovers how to travel to parallel worlds. Accompanied by his professor, Maximillian Arturo, a colleague and Rembrandt, a singer who joins them accidentally start to slip into alternate universes, where they can see what our world would be if history were different or if they had made different ... Read More »


TV series (1999-2002). 3 seasons. 61 episodes. Roswell is a town in New Mexico where it is said that a UFO crashed in 1947. A group of teenagers among which are several hybrids, half human half alien, will have to live and discover why they are here, on Earth. Read More »

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

TV series (1993-1996). 155 episodes. 3 seasons. Remembered television series early 90s who had great success worldwide, generating not only a film (Power Rangers: The Movie), but also a long list of new series based on characters and a lot of merchandising related thereto. The list sets performed at the end of this is the following: – Power Rangers Turbo ... Read More »


TV miniseries. 5 episodes. A mysterious images, apparently showing some incidents 18 hours before they occur, are received from outer space. A space scientist attempts to explain the origin of the images, while detectives investigate against the clock to change the future. Read More »

Los protegidos

TV series (2010-2012). 3 seasons. 41 episodes. Mario discovers astonished that his son Carlos has the power to move objects with his mind. Jimena jumps up in the middle of the night while his White daughter is kidnapped by men who take her on a black car. The strangest thing is that the child had already predicted that this would ... Read More »

Bionic Woman

TV Series (2007). 1 season. 8 episodes. Skin leaving his job as a waitress and making “mother” of her teenage sister, Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan) did not think her life could be worse. But when a terrible accident leaves her at death’s door, the only hope for survival for Jaime is a revolutionary, modern and very expensive secret technology. With ... Read More »

Kyle XY

TV series (2006-2009). 3 seasons. 43 episodes. A teenage boy is found wandering aimlessly in a forest outside of Seattle. No one knows who he is, where it comes from or retained any recollection. Nor can speak and reactions seem those of a newborn. The police sent him to a group home where Kyle called. There, the psychologist Nicole Trager ... Read More »


TV series (2006-2010). 4 seasons. 77 episodes. Some people are born to be extraordinary. A group of normal people is, of overnight endowed with incredible powers. Thus, while in Japan an anonymous clerk discovers she has a knack for teleport, an artist in New York he realizes that he is able to paint the future, or in Los Angeles a ... Read More »


TV Series (1999-2003. 2010-2013). 7 seasons. 140 episodes. Animated series created by Matt Groening (creator also of The Simpsons) and David X. Cohen (also screenwriter of The Simpsons). Set in the city of “New New York” in 3000, the series begins with Philip J. Fry, a young dealer of New York pizza unsuccessful and unmotivated being cryogenically frozen by accident ... Read More »


Serie de TV (2008-2013). 5 temporadas. 100 episodios. Serie de ciencia ficción que sigue a la agente del FBI Olivia Dunham, encargada de esclarecer fenómenos inexplicables. En sus investigaciones para encontrar el hilo conductor de estos acontecimientos y la mano que los mueve, Olivia y su jefe -el agente Broyles- contarán con la ayuda del doctor Bishop -un científico loco ... Read More »