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Warehouse 13

The series focuses on two federal agents sent to the mysterious Warehouse 13, in South Dakota, where the government keeps under the utmost secrecy, all kinds of strange artifacts. Read More »


TV series (2010-2011). 22 episodes. Remake of the eponymous series of the 80s An earthquake of unknown origin shakes homes of half the world. The landing of the Visitor motherships in major cities on Earth, causing the astonishment of the population. They come in peace, change water and medical expertise is in human guise. Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell), FBI counterterrorism ... Read More »

The Prisoner

TV miniseries 6 episodes. Remake of a popular British series of the 60s tells the story of “Six,” a government agent kidnapped and confined to the remote island of “The Village,” which does not remember anything and do not understand why you are trapped in that island. Everyone in “The Village” are like him without memory or past numbers and ... Read More »

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicle

TV series (2008-2009). 2 seasons. 31 episodes. Sequel “Terminator” centered on the character of Sarah Connor (Lena Headey). After destroying the T-1000, Sarah and John become outlaws and discover new enemies to fight both the present and the future. Sarah, tormented by visions of the next nuclear war, stop hiding and goes on the offensive to destroy the technology that ... Read More »

Stargate Universe

TV series (2009-2011). 40 episodes. Third taking place in the universe “Stargate”. Upon discovery of the mystery of the ninth chevron and attacked the secret base Icarus, a group of soldiers and scientists are forced to leave and cross the Stargate. Then they come into the ship Destiny (Destiny), launched by The Ancients at the golden age of their civilization. ... Read More »

Stargate Atlantis

TV series (2004-2009). 5 seasons. 100 episodes. The history of the series of the end of the seventh season and the beginning of the eighth of Stargate SG-1. A group of scientists, among them are Dr. Daniel Jackson, Dr. Elizabeth Weir and Dr. Rodney McKay, are studying the Ancient outpost that O’Neill discovered at the end of the seventh season. ... Read More »

Star Trek: The Next Generation

TV series (1987-1994). 7 seasons. 176 episodes. The series (aka “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) is based on the universe of Star Trek; and history almost a century later (XXIV century) that presented in the original series, showing a ship and a new crew is developed. The episodes feature the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), a ... Read More »


TV series (2001-2011). 10 seasons. 218 episodes. Series that chronicles the early days of Superman Clark Kent in his hometown, Smallville. There he lived with his parents, he studied at the local high school and met his first girlfriend, Lana Lang, and his future rival, Lex Luthor. Issued by the WB network in 2001-2006 and by The CW from 2006-2011. Read More »


TV Series (2008-Present). Sanctuary tells the story of doctors Helen Magnus, Will Zimmerman and her daughter Ashley, whose mission is to look terrifying and monstrous creatures worldwide. Read More »