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Comedy that revolves around a young couple who decides to take a “permitted” in the relationship. The conflict will arise after the male protagonist is reunited with the woman he had an affair. Read More »

El tamaño si importa

A typical average young away from the beauty standards established by the media, will try to win his former boss, a handsome and charismatic socialite who is used to interact with beautiful actresses and models. A history of uneven and unpredictable love. Read More »

The Outcast

Miniseries 2 episodes. Lewis Aldridge is a 10 year old boy when his beloved mother dies. Only in the world with his distant father, Lewis is forced to bury their grief. When it returns to marry a younger woman, Lewis begins to have a self-destructive behavior. Read More »

Amor tóxico

Comforting as a good glass of strychnine; repairman as a broth with ground crystals; invigorating as a breath of anthrax: so toxic love born in this romantic comedy dysfunctional and Mars. Toni, who claims not to understand women, and Irene, a “special” girl (to call it somehow) are online. An appointment resulting in Byzantine conversation about love, sex (and sex), ... Read More »

Me Before You

The young twentysomething Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) lives in a small town in the middle of the English countryside. Without a clear direction in your life, unstable and creative, Lou goes from job to job to help her family make ends meet. However, his usual cheerful attitude is tested when facing a new challenge. Accepts a job at the ... Read More »

Locas y Santas

Beatriz is a famous Brazilian psychoanalyst who teaches others to be happy, without being able to be herself. The death of her mother takes her to travel with her sister to Buenos Aires to meet unusual Read More »

Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse

Paul Dedalus leaving Tajikistan recalling his childhood in Roubaix, mad crisis of his mother, the link between him and his brother Ivan, pious and violent child. He recalls his 16 years, his father, inconsolable widower, the trip to the USSR where a clandestine assignment would take him to offer his own identity to a young Russian. He also recalled his ... Read More »

Tini: El gran cambio de violetta

Violetta returns from an international tour and receives shocking news. She is at a crossroads and begins to question everything they ever knew. While trying to find your inner voice and follow his own path, you accepted an unexpected invitation for a journey across the world in search of answers. Read More »

Hijos Nuestros

Sometimes the links can be built from the passions. Sometimes those links can become passions. For Hugo, Buenos Aires taxi driver alone, total, absolute and exclusive passion is Barca: San Lorenzo is not only active part of your past, but a healthy obsession that bathes that gives color to your life. Until a single mother and her son they cross ... Read More »


Sebastian is a chef returns to his hometown to care for her mother Carmen, who has fallen ill. The relationship between mother and child was never good, had been many years since the last time they spoke. On the other hand, Sebastian revives the past with his exenamorada Lucia, discovering he has a son with her for 9 years. Suddenly ... Read More »