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La señora

TV series of 39 episodes (2008-2010). In the early 20s, in Spain, social differences were abysmal. Especially in rural areas the force of despotism is based inthe tradition and illiteracy. Certain sectors of the bourgeoisie and the working classes struggle to subvert the situation. In this environment germinates passionate love of Victoria Márquez, member of a powerful family, and Angel, ... Read More »

Instant Star

TV series (2004-2008). 4 seasons. 52 episodes. Jude Harrison (Alexz Johnson) is a teenage girl that life changes radically when he wins a contest of young talent. He soon discovers that the music industry is not as wonderful as the painting and have to deal with many problems, but always guided by its producer Tom Quincy (Tim Rozon), which falls ... Read More »

Física o Química

TV series (2008-2011). 7 seasons. 77 episodes. Narrates the problems of four teachers who enter their first job in a secondary school where they will discover a world of conflict, love, heartache and dreams of a group of teenagers to those who will provide guidance. In the first episode, in early September a 26 years he met a guy at ... Read More »


TV series (1998-2002). 4 seasons. 84 episodes. Everything begins the day that the shy, beautiful Felicity Porter (Keri Russell) asks the attractive Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) who will sign the book of high school graduation. Although they have barely spoken all these years, she has been secretly in love with him, and the dedication of it in his book Felicity ... Read More »

Avenida Brasil

TV Series (2012). 179 episodes. Carmina (Adriana Esteves) is a humble young man who marries Genesio (Tony Ramos), father of Rita (Mel Maia) girl. During the marriage, Carmina shows his true colors and is presented as an evil and ambitious woman, cheating Genesio with the help of her lover Max (Marcello Novaes). Genesio ends up dying after being hit in ... Read More »

Sex and the city

TV series. Six seasons. 94 chapters (1998-2004). It narrates the love and sexual adventures of four single and independent New Yorkers: columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) and her three best friends, lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Charlotte dick York (Kristin Davis) and the promiscuous Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall ). The program became famous for filming scenes on the streets, bars, restaurants and ... Read More »


Jack (DiCaprio), a young artist, won in a card game a passage to travel to America on the Titanic, the largest and safest ocean liner ever built. On board meets Rose (Kate Winslet), a young man from a good family coming unless you go into a marriage of convenience with Cal (Billy Zane), a cocky millionaire who is only interested ... Read More »

Grey’s Anatomy

TV Series (2005-Present). The famous Seattle Grace Hospital is the scenario in which the lives of five young people who, after graduating in medicine, start there a hard period of testing is developed. The series has been described as a cross between “ER” and “Sex and the City” in the interest of both intrigues and medical cases. The frenetic activity ... Read More »

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl, TV Series (2007-2012). 6 seasons. 121 episodes. Adaptation of the homonymous novels by Cecily von Ziegesar. Portrait of teenage life in the Upper East Side of New York who go to elite schools, but who venture into the world of drugs, sex and other problems. The protagonists are two girls who were very good friends, Serena van der ... Read More »



The story starts during a sexual encounter between unna young servant and a sailor sex, desire and the need for both will be the beginning of a good history of relations in which there will be many differences but above all always the same desire. Through the plot we can see different protagonists of their own stories of very adventurous ... Read More »