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El hilo rojo

A Chinese legend tells that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The yarn can stretch or contract, but never break. Manuel (Benjamín Vicuña) and Abril (China Suárez) seem to be bound by this infallible fate. After meeting in a plane, they feel that they are the one for the ... Read More »

Sleeping with other people

Since that time the university had a chance encounter in which both lost their virginity, Jake and Lainey have become a compulsive infidels who have destroyed their relationships one after another. After cutting with her last boyfriend because of his infidelities, Lainey agrees to go to therapy and attends a sex addicts meeting in New York. There she reconnects with ... Read More »

Until Forever

Michael and Michelle are deeply in love. Enjoy full of laughter beautiful love and firm faith. But the dream of a long future for this young couple threatened when Michael was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. They now face circumstances shall test the strength of the commitment. Read More »

Estar o no estar

Augusto loses his father having to become the companion of her mother until she dies. He moved to Tlacotalpan and first looks at women. There he meets a Ukrainian girl he begins a friendship. They come spend the days together while she waits by the river to her boyfriend. The day he asks you a chance, the groom returns taking ... Read More »

Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse

Paul Dedalus leaving Tajikistan recalling his childhood in Roubaix, mad crisis of his mother, the link between him and his brother Ivan, pious and violent child. He recalls his 16 years, his father, inconsolable widower, the trip to the USSR where a clandestine assignment would take him to offer his own identity to a young Russian. He also recalled his ... Read More »


LUISA es una dramática y conmovedora historia que se desarrolla entre 1813 y 1818. Juan Bautista Arismendi y Luisa Cáceres, dos seres separados por la guerra, deberán luchar contra traiciones, amenazas, torturas y el encarcelamiento de Luisa, quien se enfrenta a una tragedia más cuando se entera que esta embarazada en plena mazmorra y en las perores condiciones. Una historia ... Read More »

Café Society

Los Angeles, 30s, Bobby Dorfman (Jesse Eisenberg), nephew of a powerful Hollywood agent and producer (Steve Carell), falls for the pretty secretary (Kristen Stewart) his uncle. Read More »

Magies Plan

Maggie, a teacher and determined woman, is ready to be a mother. Her lovers will not last more than six months but has an ideal donor. With sign in hand, he is declared a married partner … Read More »

Sexo en Nueva York

TV series. 6 seasons. 94 chapters (1998-2004). Narra romantic and sexual adventures of four single and independent Yorkers: columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) and her three best friends, lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), the swanky Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and the promiscuous Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall ). The program became famous for shooting scenes on the streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in ... Read More »


A love story about the Basque town bombed by Nazi aviation in April 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. In this context, the young Teresa (Maria Valverde), an editor of the republican press office clash with Henry (James D’Arcy), an American journalist low hours that is covering the northern front. Teresa, courted by his boss, Vasyl (Jack Davenport), Russian advisor ... Read More »