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Fidelio, l’odyssée d’Alice

Alice is seaworthy and is engaged to Feliz, that waiting on dry land, while she works on the old freighter. Between them the unexpected presence of an uncomfortable third insinuates, the commander Gaël is nothing less than the first great love of the young sailor. In the cabin occupied by his predecessor, who died recently on board, Alice finds a ... Read More »


Michael Logan runs a London police unit specializing in dismantling the most dangerous drug traffickers and, whenever possible, to put part of the booty in his pocket. His life is complicated by the arrival of two Albanians and a violent criminal investigation that might reveal their corruption. Read More »

45 Years

Missing only a week before the 45th anniversary of the wedding of Kate Mercer, and party planning is well under way. But then comes a letter to her husband. It is reported to have appeared dead body of her first love, frozen in ice glaciers in the Swiss Alps. Read More »

Time Out of Mind

George (Richard Gere) is a man in full personal decadence that is forced to go to a shelter for “homeless” in New York. There, without resources of any kind and forced to beg on the street, you should he face his new situation with the help of Dixon, a veteran who helps you to resume the relationship with his daughter ... Read More »


It tells the story of the English suffragettes at the dawn of World War II. Most of these women came from upper classes, but were working women who saw their peaceful protests were useless. Radicalized and turning his increasingly violent struggle, were willing to lose everything in their relentless pursuit of equality: their jobs, their homes, their children and their ... Read More »


The story of a warrior and leader, affected by the war and the will to rebuild his relationship with his wife, is one of the major tragedies of literature. Adaptation of the play by William Shakespeare. Read More »

O futebol

“O futebol” performed a complicated balancing act between reality and fiction from true encounter between the director and his father. The screenplay by Sergio Oksman and Carlos Muguiro is written as fiction: travel (many scenes are filmed from a car) and football inside of a father and a son, I scheduled the fixture list. But, like football, the reality is ... Read More »

La prochaine fois je viserai le coeur

For several months between 1978 and 1979, residents of a quiet district on the outskirts of Paris lived in terror because of a maniac who was engaged in murdering girls. Surprisingly, the murderer escapes with ease raids and traps that tends police. Read More »

The Salvation

United States. 1870. By killing the man who murdered his entire family, John awakens the fury of the leader Delarue. The peaceful pioneer no longer has the support of the cowardly and corrupt inhabitants of the village will have to seek the criminal on his own. Will he be able to return to the people their soul? Read More »

Juana a los 12

Juana going to an English school of Buenos Aires. After the concern of their teachers for poor performance, his mother began to seek outside help. Juana Lidia academic and social challenges with apparent indifference while transiting an age of great uncertainty. Read More »