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La granja del Pas

This documentary focuses on the Farm El Paso, as the venue of the Platform of People Affected by Mortgage (PAH) in Sabadell. The documentary will address operation, and the evolution and transformation of the people who are part of the Platform, and the reality of evictions Read More »

I Am Your Father

Tribute in honor of David Prowse, the man behind the mask of most memorable villain in movie history, Darth Vader, who also never showed his face in the movies of the original trilogy. Not even in Return of the Jedi, a fact that deeply wounded him and marked him forever. It’s time to reveal the reason for this decision and ... Read More »

Game Over

A young man becomes a soldier following his dream. But the real war is bored and comes home to face a family crisis caused by war. Only when you realize that reality is not like in the movies, you will be able to mature. (Documenta Madrid) Read More »

Boxing for Freedom

BOXING FOR FREEDOM reveals the story of the young Sadaf Rahimi, the best boxer of Afghanistan, who must confront the traditions of his country, fear and their own destiny to be a free woman. A fight that become a reference for many young Afghan. Read More »

He Named Me Malala

An intimate portrait of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist injured by a Taliban who attacked his school. Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, the youngest person to have ever received such a prestigious award, Malala was designated as a target by the Taliban and was seriously injured by gunfire while returning to his home in the Swat Valley (Pakistan) in ... Read More »

El gran vuelo

In the early years of the Franco dictatorship, Clara Pueyo Jornet, Communist Party member, escapes from prison of Les Corts in Barcelona through the front door. At that time its mark is lost forever. He had lived in constant flight and also sought escape from the rigidity of his own party. His story is also the story of the women ... Read More »

La noche de Iguala

On the night of September 26 occurred in the city of Iguala, Guerrero, one of the events that have more moved to Mexican civil society, impacting on our political, legal and media world. From the order marked by Mayor Jose Luis Abarca, a night of violence, which comes in the municipal police and two drug cartels unleashed; Warriors States and ... Read More »


Next explores the world of children and adolescents aged 6 to 16 years, who move to Los Angeles to pursue a universal dream: to become famous actresses. Every day arrive at LAX, tested auditions in line at the supermarket. They come from Midwestern cities where nothing ever happens. In many cases, the parents of these children and push them continue ... Read More »

Cuerpo de letra

From the relationship between three characters, the film discovers a story that is fictional in principle, but is then crossed by a documentary look at a historical problem: the dispute that exists around the painted propaganda in Argentina. The film reveals an unexplored own codes and rules that can be around any corner of the world. Read More »