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Medieval heresy and first Protestant church history, the Vaudois are both a rural community of 850 years old and a stream in recent decades has challenged the Vatican. The documentary aims to tell the story from the reflections, the counterpoint between the primitive medieval Waldensian and topicality of characters with different languages, to wonder why, after more than eight centuries, ... Read More »

Tras la pantalla

After the screen is a documentary film about the film distributor Pascual Condito and intimacy from the world of Argentine cinema industry that lives through constant crisis. In the film world the reputation of being a person of strong character and changing won. However, over the years, I was able to create the attractive character of a horny guy, but ... Read More »

O futebol

“O futebol” performed a complicated balancing act between reality and fiction from true encounter between the director and his father. The screenplay by Sergio Oksman and Carlos Muguiro is written as fiction: travel (many scenes are filmed from a car) and football inside of a father and a son, I scheduled the fixture list. But, like football, the reality is ... Read More »

Carriére, 250 metros

Jean-Claude Carrière, a well known writer, screenwriter, critic … trying to find the formula for sharing harmonious life with her two daughters, Kiara, six, and Iris, 48. At the same time, decided to summarize his life a short story. Read More »


With 93, Iris Apfel takes to be a favorite of the New York fashion scene and art for decades with his creativity, his passion and his unique personality. Read More »


My grandfather was a Tabasco who fought with Pancho Villa, became master mason, deputy 3 times Oaxaca and president of the National Association of Charros. In 1942 he formed “The Legion of Mexican fighters,” a grouping of 100, 000 charros who trained to repel a possible Nazi invasion of Mexico. The success story that it had harbored a secret that ... Read More »

Muerte en Arizona

A futuristic film about a lost love and the story of a wounded civilization of death. An autobiographical portrait of a man who returns to his former partner empty apartment, in a dark Bolivian city, in search of answers. Read More »

El Crazy Che

The Crazy Che tells the amazing story of an Argentine engineer who during the Cold War voluntarily served as a spy for the Cuban secret service, delivering information technology US companies like AMD and Intel. Later, incredibly, it is delivered to the CIA being involved in a counter-espionage operation that will live unexpected consequences. Documentary narrated in the first person ... Read More »