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Rumba Tres, de ida y vuelta

Documentary reviewing 55 years of experience of a group that has been everything in the world of Rumba: Rumba Tres. A film that tries to discover this group a generation that completely ignores not only the enormous musical quality of these musicians and their international reach, but the human personality behind its components, Joan and Pere Capdevila brothers and Pepe ... Read More »

Janis: Little Girl Blue

Documentary about the legendary American singer Janis Joplin. American artist Cat Power, rock singer southern origin, narrated in first person how Janis Joplin rose to become a star through Joplin wrote letters for years to family, friends and colleagues, before his fateful death at age 27. Read More »

El botón de nácar (The Pearl Button)

The ocean contains the history of mankind. The sea holds all the voices of the earth and coming from space. Water is being driven by the stars and transmits them to living creatures. The water, the longest border of Chile, also keeps the secret of two mysterious buttons found on the ocean floor. Chile, with its 2,670 miles of coastline ... Read More »

Informe General II – El nuevo rapto de Europa

Pere Portabella propone la segunda parte de uno de sus títulos históricos, el “Informe general sobre algunas cuestiones de interés para una proyección pública”, que en 1976 se asomaba al inicio del proceso de transición política tras la muerte de Franco. Este segundo “informe” se realiza en el marco de una grave crisis sistémica, de orden cultural, económico-financiero, político y ... Read More »

Le grand jour

It tells the true story of Nidhi (15 years, India), DGII (11 years, Mongolia), Tom (19 years, Uganda) and Albert (11 years, Cuba), two girls and two boys from different parts of the world thatThey are facing a test that will change and improve their lives forever. “The great day” is about the four heroes and take months, even years, ... Read More »

Im Keller

The film tries to describe the relationship that the Austrians have with their basements, and to define the peculiarities of Austrian basements … or if it is true that such features exist. Read More »

Unter Schnee

In the Japanese region of Echigo, people living under the snow for half the year. For this reason, they have developed a very original way of life and customs, festivals and religious celebrations individuals. Ulrike Ottinger poetic us about this reality of snowy landscapes, its beauty and austere way of life conditions; follows the path of the legendary “gods of ... Read More »

Room 237

Room 237 is a subjective documentary that explores the numerous theories about the hidden meaning in the Stanley Kubrick film, The Shining. The film may have more than 30 years old but continues to inspire debate, speculation and mystery. Five very different points of view are illuminated through a voice-over, film clips, animation and theatrical performances. Together they will draw ... Read More »

Bikes vs. Cars

The company faces several setbacks that must soon face: climate change, urban pollution, depletion of fossil resources. In this context, the bicycle stands as an alternative to major change, but the automotive industry spends millions to maintain their business. In this new documentary Fredrik Gertten, activists and theorists around the world present the benefits that could have a society more ... Read More »