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Hasta que la Suegra nos separe

Lucho and Jenny are a married couple middle class who is expecting a child. Lucho works in a restaurant and is fired, forced to live in the house of his mother seeing. Coexistence is impossible, and her mother is extremely nosy. Amid all I struggle suffers a blow to the head and that product has a conversation with his late ... Read More »

La Vache

Fatah, a small farmer in Algeria only has eyes for his cow Jacqueline and dreams take her to Paris at the Salon de l’Agriculture. Upon receiving the invitation, he has never left the field, take a boat towards Marseille to cross all of France on foot. It is an opportunity for Fatah and Jacqueline live an adventure of great moments ... Read More »

Magies Plan

Maggie, a teacher and determined woman, is ready to be a mother. Her lovers will not last more than six months but has an ideal donor. With sign in hand, he is declared a married partner … Read More »

Argentino QL

Jorge Alis, an Argentine artist, counts as your quest for success in life leads him to be hung over the edge. His family and ongoing crisis in Argentina do make the decision to emigrate to Chile. Despite the hostility that is, thanks to its brazenness, manages to establish, conquer the love of his life and start a family. But everything ... Read More »


Hong Kong detective Bennie Black (Chan) has been following for decades to a known crime boss, Victor Wong. When Bennie young niece, Samantha, gets into trouble with the crime syndicate Wong, Bennie must locate the only person who can help: the American player Connor Watts (Johnny Knoxville). Read More »

El alien y yo

Lauro, Rita and Agus have a punk band unsuccessful, so they decide to “renew” their sound and accept “The Alien”, a talented keyboardist who has Down syndrome. Thanks to “touch” the Alien, Don Gramophone becomes his manager and takes them to the top of the music scene with a new genre. However, Lauro was jealous of Allen, as public attention ... Read More »

Sexo en Nueva York

TV series. 6 seasons. 94 chapters (1998-2004). Narra romantic and sexual adventures of four single and independent Yorkers: columnist Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) and her three best friends, lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), the swanky Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and the promiscuous Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall ). The program became famous for shooting scenes on the streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs in ... Read More »

Ally McBeal

TV series (1997-2002). 5 seasons. 112 episodes. Ally McBeal is an independent but insecure, smart but neurotic young, romantic and dreamy lawyer by chance that begins working at a law firm, which also stars Billy, an ex-boyfriend who never forgot. The problem is that Billy is already married, and also his wife also works in the office, a singular firm ... Read More »