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Desperate Housewives

TV series (2004-2012). 8 seasons. 180 episodes. Tells the story of several women living in the luxurious and peaceful neighborhood of Wisteria Lane. But behind the facade of a “perfect life” are four women whose existence is anything but idyllic. Susan, a divorced mother, takes forever without an appointment, Lynette regrets having left a promising career to care for their ... Read More »

Mr. Bean

TV series (1990-1995). 15 episodes. Series through numerous sketches chronicles the misadventures of a quirky and humorous character, Mr. Bean, an adult profoundly simple mind to any task, however simple it may be, it is a remarkable work that always complicates up unexpectedly ends fun. Read More »

My Name Is Earl

TV series of 96 episodes (2005-2009). The life of Earl (Jason Lee) is full of wrong decisions. When suddenly, a small lottery prize seems to announce a change in your life is hit by a car and disappears winning ticket Earl flying while unconscious. Carson Daly hospital teaches that a person’s success depends on the good that others do. After ... Read More »

Married with Children

TV series (1987-1997). 11 seasons. 262 episodes. American sitcom originally broadcast by the FOX Network for 10 years, which made it the longest series of canal behind The Simpsons. The series depicts the life of Bundy, a dysfunctional family living in Chicago, Illinois, formed by Al (Ed O’Neill), Peggy (Katey Sagal), Kelly (Christina Applegate), Bud (David Faustino) and Buck, his ... Read More »

Malcolm in the Middle

TV series (2000-2006). 7 seasons. 151 episodes. Sitcom Family Fun addressing problems and situations of an American middle-class family in which the son Malcolm (Frankie Muniz) seems to be the only sensible … or at least the only sign of sanity. The family consists of his neurotic parents Hal (Bryan Cranston) and Lois (Jane Kaczmarek), the older brother Francis (Christopher ... Read More »


TV series (1985-1989). 5 seasons. 66 episodes. The beautiful and intelligent Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd) and sympathetic nerve David Addison (Bruce Willis) are a lovely couple of private investigators, but the head is it. Popular television series with humor, a bit of intrigue, sexual tension between the characters and a sophisticated and elegant style. Read More »

The Simpsons

551 TV series episodes (1989-Present) emitting Fox since 1989. It tells the story of a peculiar family (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson) and other fun characters in the American town of Springfield. Homer, the father, is a disastrous security inspector of a nuclear plant. Marge, the mother is a housewife used to support your particular family. Bart, 10, ... Read More »

The Powerpuff Girls

TV series (1998-2004). 6 seasons. 78 episodes. Professor Utonium is a genetic engineer who is always experimenting. One night decides to realize his greatest dream: to create a perfect child. The result is spectacular: instead of a girl created three superheroes. Read More »

The Vampire Sisters

Dakaria and Sylvania are two 12 year old twin sisters who move with their parents to a German city to start a new life. Nothing special, if not because his mother is human, a vampire father and two daughters are not only half human, half vampire. After twelve years lived clandestinely in Transylvania, the Tepes family, to please the mother, ... Read More »