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A cryptic message sent last James Bond on a secret mission to Mexico City and then to Rome, where he meets Lucia Sciarra, the beautiful widow of an infamous criminal. Bond infiltrates a secret meeting and discovers the existence of a sinister organization known as SPECTRE. Meanwhile, in London, the new director of the Center for National Security question the ... Read More »

Fünf Freunde 4

Bernard, the father of Julian, Dick and Anne, organized an exhibition in Egypt. The friends travel to Cairo with Elena, a colleague of his father. It will fall into a trap and will be charged with theft, remaining in prison until the trial. The Five try to prove the innocence of Bernard helped by Auni, a young pickpocket Read More »


El adolescente Zach Cooper se muda sin muchas ganas con su familia desde Nueva York al pequeño pueblo de Greendale. Allí encuentra un resquicio de ilusión cuando conoce a su vecina, la guapa Hannah, y hace un amigo: Champ. También se entera de que el padre de Hannah es RL Stine, autor del Bestseller de la serie “Pesadillas”. Pero Zach ... Read More »

Boruto the movie

After more than 15 years enjoying the adventures of Naruto, the manga came to an end and to close with a flourish Masashi Kishimoto launched the latest anime film titled “Boruto: Naruto the movie” where the protagonist is the son of Naruto and Hinata together with the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura called Sarada. Moreover Boruto rivalry sees with his ... Read More »

Segon origen

Alba, a white girl of 14, and Didac, a black boy of 9 are the only survivors of a holocaust of extraterrestrial origin that has ravaged the planet. While recovering from the disaster, in addition to having to adapt to a world devastated and littered with corpses, the proposed target mission to preserve human culture, which implies procreate. Read More »

Uuups el arca nos dejo

The Flood and Noah approaches has built a great ark to save two of every animal species but two Nestrians, father and son, are not allowed to enter. Involuntary help of two Grymps, mother and daughter, allowing them to sneak into the ark. However, Finny and Leah children end up falling off the ship and have to learn to survive ... Read More »


Hoping to build the family relationship she craves, Rusty Griswold decides to surprise his wife, Debbie, and two children with a trip across the country to reach the “favorite theme park of American families,” Walley World . Read More »

Atrapa la bandera

Richard Carson, a billionaire ambitious, wants to take the terrestrial TV and exploit the actual source of clean energy of the future, the Helio 3. To do this, you must delete the history of the exploits of the astronauts of the Apollo XI and his famous first steps Moon, something that 40% of the world’s population is believed to lie. ... Read More »


TV Series (2014). 1 season. 9 episodes. The story takes place on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. In this unique site piracy, thieves and criminals are led by the fearsome pirate captain Edward Teach, known as Blackbeard. However, a plan designed to dethrone him. A murderer, Tom Lowe, is sent to run the leader of the pirates. ... Read More »