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TV Series (2005-Present). A mysterious phone message from his father, who has long since left the family home does, leads the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam to California. Although there are his father, discovered her diary, in which they try to find clues that will help them destroy the evil spirit as his father, he is responsible for the death ... Read More »


TV series (2001-2011). 10 seasons. 218 episodes. Series that chronicles the early days of Superman Clark Kent in his hometown, Smallville. There he lived with his parents, he studied at the local high school and met his first girlfriend, Lana Lang, and his future rival, Lex Luthor. Issued by the WB network in 2001-2006 and by The CW from 2006-2011. Read More »


TV series (2006-2012). 5 seasons. 63 episodes. Eureka is a city in which the leading scientists of the country they live, and where strange physical abnormalities occur. The government created this community, located in the Pacific Northwest, after the development of the atomic bomb. Their goal: make secret experiments. Read More »