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TV Series (2011-Present). American remake of the British series about the peculiar family Gallagher, in which Frank (William H. Macy), a single, alcoholic father, tries to educate his six smart, wild and independent children. Read More »

True Blood

TV series of 80 episodes (2008-2014). In a village in Louisiana, a series of brutal murders endanger makes coexistence between vampires and humans, who until then had been peaceful thanks to a Japanese drink made of synthetic blood. However, some vampires were unhappy because they preferred to continue to feed on human blood; but there were also men who were ... Read More »

The Vampire Diaries

TV Series (2009-Present). In the wake of “Twilight” and “True Blood” tells the story of a teenager who falls for vampire brothers (one good and one bad) that the soul of the girl and her friends and family dispute. Read More »


TV Series (2006-2013). 8 seasons. 96 episodes. Dexter Morgan is a strange man. As a kid (Michael C. Hall), was abused and abandoned by their parents. Now is an important forensic pathology, but under his charismatic personality hides a terrible secret: unleashes his homicidal tendencies looking, trapping and killing brutally ruthless criminals who have managed to escape the course of ... Read More »


TV Series (2012-Present). Free adaptation of a DC Comics, playboy by day, during the night, using his bow and arrows against crime. Having disappeared and been left for dead in a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is rescued alive five years later in a Pacific island. Once home, his mother, his sister and his best friend noticed that the ... Read More »