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Veronica Mars

TV series of 64 episodes (2004-2007). In the luxurious town of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful impose rules. But unfortunately for them, Veronica Mars, a smart, sassy young lady of 17, apprentice private investigator, is determined to resolve even the most difficult mysteries. Read More »

Third Watch

TV Series 132 chapters (1999-2005). Stories about police, firefighters and ambulances New York. Kim Zambrano (Raver) and Bobby Caffey (Cannavale) are 55-2 ATS team. Young but seasoned, are delivered completely to his work, trying to help their patients. Monte “Doc” Parker (Beach) represents the other side of the coin, it’s a man I disappointed you have to teach your new ... Read More »


TV Series (2005-Present). A mysterious phone message from his father, who has long since left the family home does, leads the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam to California. Although there are his father, discovered her diary, in which they try to find clues that will help them destroy the evil spirit as his father, he is responsible for the death ... Read More »


TV series (2006-2008). 2 seasons. 29 episodes. The inhabitants of a small Kansas town trying to survive after a nuclear blast that has destroyed part of North America. All village residents to join in a deep mess, wondering if they will be the ones who have survived the tragedy. Read More »

Criminal Minds

TV Series (2005-Present) who narrates the investigations of a team of FBI who studies the psychological profile of the biggest criminals in the United States to capture them. Jason Giseon agents (Mandy Patinkin) and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) lead the team. Each agent has its specialty. Elle Greenway (Lola Glaudini) has a long experience in sexual offenses, Derek Morgan (Shemar ... Read More »