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Peppa Pig the movie

Peppa loves to jump over mud puddles wearing her beloved gold boots, although Suzy thinks they are just normal yellow boots. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pato also likes Peppa’s boots and escapes with them on. With the help of his friends, Peppa will have to travel by land, sea and even through space to recover his Gold Boots before the Great Diving ... Read More »


A chronicle of the times of Max Perkins (Colin Firth), the publisher of most admired books in the world, which introduced audiences to the greatest writers of this century, revolutionizing American literature. Tirelessly committed to nurturing talent, was the force behind great literary stars as F. Scott Fitzgerald (Guy Pearce), Ernest Hemingway (Dominic West) and Thomas Wolfe (Jude Law). Read More »

Animales fantásticos y dónde encontrarlos

Adaptation of the book by J. K. Rowling, a spin-off that expands the world of the Harry Potter saga from the point of view of Newt Scamander, a magician who charge you to write a book about fantastic creatures. He ambientará seventy years before narrated in the movies the young wizard Harry. Read More »


TV Series (2010-Present). Modern update of the myth of Sherlock Holmes, set in the London of the century. His unsurpassed skills of deduction and arrogant emotional detachment makes him the perfect detective with his sidekick John Watson. Read More »

The Outcast

Miniseries 2 episodes. Lewis Aldridge is a 10 year old boy when his beloved mother dies. Only in the world with his distant father, Lewis is forced to bury their grief. When it returns to marry a younger woman, Lewis begins to have a self-destructive behavior. Read More »


Adaptation of High Rise, a novel published by J. G. Ballard in the mid-70s. The story chronicles the arrival of Dr. Robert Laing to the Elysium Tower, a huge skyscraper in which a world apart develops, which seems to be the ideal society. But secretly, the newcomer will feel disturbed by the possibility that this utopian order is not so. ... Read More »

Absolutely Anything

Farce of science fiction in which a group of aliens granted powers to a professor of Earth. Professor discovers that his new abilities allow you to do anything from giving a lesson to their worst students to raise the dead … With the original voices of the members of Monty Python. Read More »

Eye in the Sky

Colonel Katherine Powell (Helen Mirren), an official of British military intelligence, leads a secret operation to capture a group of terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya. When he realizes that terrorists are on a suicide mission, she must change his plans to ‘capture’ to ‘kill’. US drone pilot Steve Watts (Aaron Paul) receives the order to destroy the haven where terrorists are, ... Read More »