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A Bigger Splash

Free remake of “Pool” (Jacques Deray, 1969), focused on the complex and increasingly sinister game of relationships that form a rock star recovering from an operation on the Mediterranean with his partner, his former representative and his young daughter penelope. Read More »

Ti ricordi di me?

Do you remember me? That’s what too often question with Roberto to his girlfriend and mother of his child; Bea, that every emotion too strong to lose the memory completely, and have to start again with her. Read More »

Mia madre

The viewpoint is that of a woman in her forties, Margherita (Margherita Buy), a politically engaged filmmaker, who is separating from Vittorio, actor, with whom she has a teenage daughter, Livia. His brother (Nani Moretti) decides to leave the job to devote himself entirely to his mother, seriously ill in hospital. The film is an analysis of the dramatic role ... Read More »


Aria, a girl of 9 years, has to face separation from their parents. She feels that nobody wants, amid fighting and neglected by her stepsisters … Wander the streets with her bag and her black cat. And try to preserve their innocence despite despair. Read More »

Il racconto dei racconti

Set in the Baroque, narrates, with fantastic dyes, the story of three kingdoms and their rulers. The Queen of Longtrellis (Salma Hayek) and her husband (John C. Reilly), the two mysterious sisters ignite the passion of the King of Strongcliff (Vincent Cassel), and King of Highhills, obsessed with a giant flea (Toby Jones), which leads to breaking the heart of ... Read More »

Il nome del figlio

A dinner organized by the pair formed Betta (Valeria Golino) and university professor addicted to Twitter Sandro (Luigi Lo Cascio) Betta’s brother, Paolo (Alessandro Gassman) join with the young, beautiful and popular Simona (Micaela Ramazzotti) and a childhood friend named Claudio (Rocco Papaleo). Paolo, shamelessly estate worker who vote for the center-right, released a defiant joke to the prevailing political ... Read More »

Non è mai troppo tardi

In 1946, Alberto Manzi after returning from the war looking for work as a teacher, not an easy task because it lacks recommendations. Finally found a job that nobody wants, as a teacher in a reform of the city. Your students are not interested in learning and Alberto will have to earn their trust. Read More »


Malena is the most charming and irresistible beauty of Castelcuto, a quiet town in the sunny Sicilian coast. She’s new in town and, being her husband in the war, giving each ride becomes a show that is accompanied by the lustful gaze of men and resentful gossip of their envious wives. An army of skinny teenage bike follows you wherever ... Read More »

Il capitale umano

The day before Christmas, a cyclist is hit at night by a luxury SUV. The unfortunate accident will change the fate of two families: the millionaire Giovanni Bernaschi, a financial speculator who has created a fund that offers a 40 percent annual interest, attracting and scam the gullible investors, and Dino Ossola, an ambitious realtor whose company is on the ... Read More »

Che strano chiamarsi Federico!

Documentary that pays tribute to Italian director Federico Fellini to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of his death. Combines archival footage and scenes shot in Cinecittà. Ettore Scola evokes his meeting with him in the satirical magazine Marc’Aurelio in the fifties, recalls the mutual friends (including Marcello Mastroianni) and, above all, shared pleasure of making films. Read More »