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Les chaises musicales

Perrine is a semi-professional musician. She lives alone and your job is to encourage birthday parties. On one of these occasions accidentally pushes a man causing the back drop of it in a landfill. The man falls into a coma, but Perrine is willing to do anything to that man wakes up. Gradually begins to take over the patient’s life, ... Read More »

Le petit Prince

So that everything goes well in the prestigious Academy Werth, small and his mother move to a new house. The small is very serious and mature for his age and plans to study during the holidays following a strict program organized by his mother; but their plans are disrupted by an eccentric and generous neighbor. He teaches an extraordinary world ... Read More »

l apotre

Akim is a young Muslim living in France with his family. Everyone expects him to be an Imam, like his uncle. But something happens inside that leads him to change his life: he converted to Christianity. Akim will face his family, friends and especially his brother who refuses to accept his conversion. Read More »

Marie Heurtin

Film inspired by real events that happened in the late nineteenth century. The protagonist, the young Marie, unable to communicate for being deaf, dumb and blind, was detained by their parents in a nursing home run by nuns. Read More »

No molestar

A Michel, jazz enthusiast, you just find a rare album to get to listen quietly sitting in his living room. But the world seems to have other plans for him: his wife wants to talk, your child suddenly appears, a neighbor knocks on the door, even your lover needs attention. Manipulator and liar, Michel is desperate for some peace, but ... Read More »

Aimer, boire et chanter (Life of Riley)

In the English countryside of Yorkshire, the lives of three couples becomes for a few months, from spring to autumn, the enigmatic behavior of his friend George Riley. When the doctor Colin inadvertently teaches his wife Kathryn that his days are numbered pacuente George Riley, unaware that he was the first love Kathryn. The couple, who plays a play with ... Read More »

P’tit Quinquin

TV Miniseries (4 episodes). The story of an unlikely and eccentric police investigation focused on the bizarre crimes of a small coastal town in the region of Boulonnais, which has fallen prey to evil and a gang of young robbers led by P’tit Quinquin and his beloved Eve. Read More »

Loin des hommes (Far From Men)

Algeria, 1954. Amid the harsh winter, Daru (Viggo Mortensen), a French teacher in detention, must escort Mohamed (Reda Kateb), a local charged with murder. Pursued by men who claim the law of blood and vengeful settlers, two men rebel. Together, they fight to regain their freedom. Read More »

Les combattants

Among his friends and the family business, the summer of young Arnaud seems to be quiet … until he meets Madeleine, as beautiful as surly, a block of tense muscles and catastrophic prophecies. He does not expect anything, she is prepared for the worst. He takes life in stride, smiling. She only thinks about the course to enter the army ... Read More »