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To escape the civil war in Sri Lanka, Dheepan poses as his wife a woman and her son to a girl with the hope that his deception will readily granted the right of asylum in France. The “hero” of the film, after being a street vendor, found a job as caretaker of a building in a troubled suburb. Going forth ... Read More »

3 coeurs

Marc loses his train back to Paris and meet Sylvie. They wander into the evening, talking about everything except themselves, in complete harmony. When Marc goes, they agree to meet a few days later. Sylvie goes to the appointment but not Marc. Meanwhile, Marc knows another woman, Sophie, not knowing which is the sister Sylvie. Marc and Sylvie meet again, ... Read More »

Transportador el legado

In the slums of France, Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is known as “Transporter” the best driver and mercenary that can be purchased with money. Frank is governed by three simple rules: no names, no questions and no renegotiations, and carrying anything for the right price. Until he meets the mysterious femme fatale named Anna (Loan Chabanol), who leads a group ... Read More »

La rançon de la gloire

We are in Vevey, a small Swiss city at the end of the 70 Eddy Ricaart just out of prison and was staying with his friend Osman Bricha. His treatment is that Osman hosts Eddy and in return, this takes care of his seven year old daughter, Samira, as long as his wife, Noor, need for a revision in the ... Read More »

Loin des hommes

Argelia, 1954. En medio del invierno duro, Daru (Viggo Mortensen), profesor de la ONU Francés recluido, Dębe escoltar una Mohamed (Reda Kateb), ONU locales acusado de asesinato. Perseguidos por caballeros Que reclaman la ley de la sangre y por colonos revanchistas, los dos hombres se rebelan. Juntos, lucharán Para Volver a CONSEGUIR su libertad. Read More »


French series that revolves around the story of the palace of Versailles. After their revolt and humiliating childhood, the young King Louis XIV decided to build a palace at Versailles by its magnificence to embody the greatness and the symbol of absolute power. Meanwhile, Versailles is useless to sleep around to entertain the new monarch. France was already the world’s ... Read More »

Un moment d’égarement

Two old friends bring their teenage daughters to a holiday on the beach and have to face an awkward situation: one of them begins an affair with the daughter of another … Remake of “Un moment d’égarement” directed in 1977 by Claude Berri. Read More »

La tête haute

After being abandoned by his mother, the young Malony carried since I was 6 years in and out of the juvenile court. The marriage of Florence, under instructor nearing retirement, and Yann, a teacher who also had a difficult childhood, adopt the boy of 15 years to reform their behavior. Therefore, Malony is sent to a strict school, where he ... Read More »


In the 90s, electronic music develops rapidly. In the exciting Parisian nightlife, the young Paul takes his first steps as a DJ. Read More »

The Little Prince

So that everything goes well in the prestigious Academy Werth, small and his mother move to a new house. The small is very serious and mature for his age and plans to study during the holidays following a strict program organized by his mother; but their plans are disrupted by an eccentric and generous neighbor. He teaches an extraordinary world ... Read More »