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Where does the time lost? Is it done or destination is next? Five stories intertwine in the pursuit of dreams, nostalgia for the past and life passing before our eyes. A boxer wants more than a win. A former inmate needs to get back on track after 30 years. A street sweeper who has a unique dream. An aide dedicated ... Read More »

El soborno del cielo

Late sixties. A provincial town. Life goes on peacefully until the suicide of Aimer Zapata comes to disturb everything. The new pastor, very intransigent, refusing to give a Catholic burial suicide. The family of the deceased, very religious, challenges the authority of the priest and Aimer buries in the churchyard. Furious, the pastor stop administering any sacrament while not changing ... Read More »

El abrazo de la serpiente

Karamakate was once a powerful shaman in the Amazon, is the last survivor of his people, and now lives in voluntary isolation in the depths of the jungle. It takes years of utter loneliness that have become chullachaqui a private empty shell of a man, emotions and memories. But his empty life is turned upside down the day his remote ... Read More »


Violence is a film about the life experience of violence in humans. The film explores this situation from careful observation of the details of everyday life of three people from the rarefied atmosphere of normality in the Colombian armed conflict. Read More »

Los hongos

Every night after work, Roberto painted graffiti on different walls of his neighborhood east of Cali. During the day it is a construction worker and the son of Maria, a sweet mulatto who migrated to the city from the forest of the Pacific. Roberto has not gone back to sleep and is starting to daydream. Mary suffers so because he ... Read More »

La promesa

TV series (60 episodes). Every year hundreds of women fall into the networks of recruiters who traffic in persons, seeing forced into a life of sexual and labor slavery. This is the story of Ana, Frida and Seleni, Three beautiful young women, lured with the promise of achieving the dream life. Innocent and vulnerable, with the strong conviction that despite ... Read More »

Pablo Escobar, el patrón del mal

TV Series (2012). 113 episodes. Free version of “The parable of Paul.” Describes the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar Gaviria since childhood, the use of indiscriminate violence made him the most feared drug lord and bloodthirsty of the late twentieth century. He even destabilize the Colombian government to the point of being the most wanted criminal in the ... Read More »

La prepago

61 episodes (2013). Ana Lucia is a beautiful young daughter of a traditional family and Social Communication student at a prestigious university in the capital. It maintains a romance with David for some time. He is the great love of Ana Lucia and comes from a wealthy family, which owned companies and paper mills. Both live in different apartments in ... Read More »

Entre sábanas

Paula, convinced that her boyfriend is with another on his bachelor party, looking for ways to get even having an affair with Roberto, an unknown. Both are so involved in a forbidden relationship. However, Paula threatens their future doing what an engaged woman would never dare. Read More »

Antes del fuego

The mystery surrounding the death of journalist Roberto Sepulveda, friend and partner of Arthur, trigger a frantic research from fragments of information that will reveal the Colombia of the decade of the 80s and the political situation in the days prior to collection Palace of Justice by the guerrilla group M-19 in the heart of Bogota. Milena Arthur and try ... Read More »