TV Series

Flight 29 Down

TV series (2005-2007). 30 episodes. Production in the United States known as juvenile version of Lost (Lost). A group of students in your hiking trip to Micronesia, just on a desert island after suffering a plane crash. Nathan Daley, Taylor, Eric, Melissa Jackson, Lex, the pilot and the other must fight for survival. On his way are many obstacles that ... Read More »

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

TV Series (2008-Present). Amy Nicholson is a model, beautiful, responsible student and has never been a problem. But after losing her virginity in a camp, he discovers she is pregnant. In this way your life will change radically and will have to decide to marry or not Ben, have the baby or give it up for adoption. Amy will have ... Read More »

Veronica Mars

TV series of 64 episodes (2004-2007). In the luxurious town of Neptune, California, the rich and powerful impose rules. But unfortunately for them, Veronica Mars, a smart, sassy young lady of 17, apprentice private investigator, is determined to resolve even the most difficult mysteries. Read More »

Verano azul

TV Series (1981). 1 season. 19 episodes. Bea, Javi, Pancho, Desi, Tito and Piranha are young of various ages and vacationing together in the town of Nerja, Malaga. There they will all an unforgettable summer, forging a special friendship with Chanquete adults (a local fisherman who lives on a boat) and Julia (a bohemian, melancholy painter), with which it shared ... Read More »


TV series (2010-2011). 22 episodes. Remake of the eponymous series of the 80s An earthquake of unknown origin shakes homes of half the world. The landing of the Visitor motherships in major cities on Earth, causing the astonishment of the population. They come in peace, change water and medical expertise is in human guise. Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell), FBI counterterrorism ... Read More »


TV Series 331 chapters (1994-2009). Prestigious series that chronicles both professional and personal, of the doctors, nurses and administrative Emergency Department of the General Hospital of Chicago team everyday life. Awarded over 20 Emmy Awards and produced, among others, Steven Spielberg (Amblin Television) in association with Warner Bros. Inspired by the work of the famous writer and novelist Michael Crichton Read More »

Un paso adelante (UPA Dance)

TV series (2002-2005). 6 seasons. 84 episodes. Tells the story of a group of young students from an academy of performing arts high performance, some boys and girls who struggle to succeed. Hopes and disappointments mark the path of the protagonists and the efforts made to make the most of your stay in the academy. The prestigious “School of Arts ... Read More »

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake

TV Series (2010-Present). “Adventure Time” (formerly known as “Adventure Time with Finn & Jake”), entitled “Adventure Time” in Spain and Latin America, it is an animated television series created by Pendleton Ward. It is based on the animated short film “Adventure Time” which aired as part of “Frederator Studios’ Random! Cartoons” on Nickelodeon. The series focuses on the surreal adventures ... Read More »

The Longest Ride

Love story of Luke, a former rodeo champion seeking his return to competition, and Sophia, one student about to embark on his dream of working in the art world in New York. Read More »

Magic Mike

Mike (Channing Tatum), a young man who pursues the American dream, has several works, but more money and gives you satisfaction is Xquisite stripper at a club in Tampa for women run by Dallas (Matthew McConaughey). In that world Mike introduces El Niño (Alex Pettyfer), a young man who just met. El Niño discover there a job where everything is ... Read More »