Rosangela Espinoza trend like Milett Figueroa?

Rosangela Espinoza

After spreading the intimate video of Milett Figueroa it has spread a rumor on social networks. And there are many pages and people who claim to have an intimate video of the model Rosangela Espinoza. However, as happened to the video Milett at first, these people are asking ‘Likes’ and ‘Shared’ on the social network Facebook in exchange for posting ... Read More »

Mariana Farjat new trend

Mariana Farjat new trend

  The girl’s Student Management Media and Entertainment UADE and hung his career to enter the most famous house in the country. This afternoon, in BDV Angel de Brito showed images of material and elaborated on the girl. “This girl sent the video to a man. She is young, does not reach 30,” said the driver. “The video is edited ... Read More »

Milett Figueroa trend due to video

Milett Figueroa

The model Milett Figueroa who gives to talk now, as in social networks has released an alleged serious intimate video starring her, the video has spread WhatsApp, though some say that it is a woman with very similar to the popular model features. This video does not last more than ten seconds and said the video is recording his intimate ... Read More »

Alan Pulido and Vivian Cepeda

  The tv channel Multimedios reported the existence of an intimate video of the conductive Vivian Cepeda and footballer Alan Pulido. According to Roberto Hernandez Jr. sportscaster there are more incriminating videos between the athlete and the driver who allegedly were found on a cell phone “lost”. In the first clip released by “Don Rober” just look bland characters exchanging comments. ... Read More »

David Zepeda trend due to video

David Zepeda

David Zepeda is embroiled in scandal and is presumed to be via WhatsApp is circulating a video of the actor where he is completely naked. The course is causing a sensation among Twitter users who quickly became a trending topic “David Zepeda” and ask the videclip Rolen presumed lasts two minutes with twenty seconds and displays the protagonist of Until ... Read More »

New details about ‘Minority Report’

Minority Report

For weeks there has been talk about Minority Report, a film by Steven Spierlberg, based on the novel by Philip K. Dick, which will now be a TV series. We present below some details have been released about this series. The story will be a continuation of the film,  because history will be located 10 years after the events in ... Read More »