Así nomás

  Three friends decide to make a zombie movie without money, and have to ideárselas to achieve it. Thus they come to get a surprise result: a film to laugh from start to finish and leaves a teaching overcoming obstacles to life. Read More »

Stranger Things

TV Series (2016). 8 episodes. Homage to classic supernatural mysteries of the 80s, Stranger Things is the story of a boy who disappears without a trace map. In his desperate search both your friends and family and the local police are involved in an extraordinary enigma: state-secret experiments, terrifying paranormal forces and a very, very rare girl. Read More »

Mr. Pig

Eubanks, a pig farmer of the old school Georgia, on the verge of losing the family farm, embarks on a road trip with Howard, his beloved and huge pork. During his way through the border with Mexico to find a new home for “Howie”, problems with alcohol and health deterioration begin to charge invoice, changing their plans. His estranged daughter, ... Read More »

The Fencer

Fleeing the Russian secret police, Endel, a young fencing champion, was forced to return to his homeland, where he became professor of physical education at a local school. But last puts you face a difficult choice. Read More »

Lights out

A woman is haunted by a creature that only appear when the lights go out. Adaptation of the 2013 short, “Lights Out”, the same David F. Sandberg. Read More »

Ice age 5

In this fifth installment of the saga, the obsessive search of acorns by causing Scrat just accidentally put an asteroid heading to Earth, threatening to end the ice age. Sid, Manny, Diego and the other members of the pack will have to embark on an adventure to try to prevent it. Read More »

Ghost Hunters

TV series (2006-2007). 25 episodes. Ghost stories are a favorite pastime of Mai Taniyama and her friends, until Kazuya Shibuya is that it be a ghost hunter. You have been sent to investigate some strange events that occur in school Mai. On one occasion Mai is involved in a somewhat dangerous situation and is rescued by Kazuya’s assistant, who suffers ... Read More »

El tamaño si importa

A typical average young away from the beauty standards established by the media, will try to win his former boss, a handsome and charismatic socialite who is used to interact with beautiful actresses and models. A history of uneven and unpredictable love. Read More »