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Macho peruano que se respeta

Macho peruano que se respeta

Macho peruano que se respeta, Maximus is a conqueror. Within its charismatic and popular neighborhood of the enclosure it is known as a true “Macho peruano que se respeta”, but it is a thousand trades going from bad to worse. With such a reputation, one of his friends and disciples will make a bet he can not refuse: love the ... Read More »

The Greatest Game Ever Played

The Greatest Game Ever Played

The Greatest Game Ever Played, The young amateur Francis Ouimet has an innate talent for golf and a big dream: to compete with the best players in the world at a major tournament. For a boy of humble, this is virtually impossible. But willpower, courage and talent, Ouimet will try to overcome all barriers to become champion of the US ... Read More »

Do You Believe?

Do You Believe

Do You Believe? Christian film about 12 people at different times in your life that are the Faith. Film released in 2015 that will make us see just how great is the power of faith. Read More »

Acapulco Shore

Acapulco Shore is an MTV reality show, premiered in September 2014, and his second season took place in May 2015. This reality uses the same format of Jersey Shore, which the British format was also used Geordie Shore. The Mexican season is under the creative supervision of Iregui and Federico Cuervo. Read More »



Abzurdah Heaven tells the story of a wealthy middle class teenager who knows a guy online nine years her senior, with whom he begins a relationship and falls in love. Submerged in a shallow environment, without friends and in an adult world that poorly understood adolescent universe, the relationship becomes an obsession for Heaven, a loquacious, incisive and dizzying narrator ... Read More »

Ximena Hoyos video?

Ximena Hoyos

Ximena Hoyos, still considered by many as a child figure, came out and said he did not have an intimate video, as is rumored in recent days. The young veteran used his Twitter account to deny being the person who carries out sexual material circulating on social networks. “The physical differences of the person with mine are more than obvious. ... Read More »

“La Fifi” Video?

La Fifi

  The video’s ‘Fifi’ has shocked Chile. This is a clip from a 14 year old having explicit sex with two boys. The case has become one of the most discussed issues in Chile. Video of ‘Fifi’ began to be shared by WhatsApp, and later viralizó on Facebook and Twitter. The name ‘Fifi’ was coined by users of social networks, ... Read More »

Andrea Cifuentes trend due to photos

Andrea Cifuentes

Which was once linked with footballer Marco “Chemo” Ruiz, Andrea sufientes model has probably been stolen from his cell because in Twitter totally naked photos leaked. In addition, the beautiful women, instagram, twitter and Facebook, showing her body in tiny clothes and even with the naked back to his closest followers. Andrea Sifuentes is a professional model and has participated ... Read More »

Cinthia Fernandez trending today

Cinthia Fernandez

In the last hours began to circulate on social networks a pornographic video which appears Cinthia Fernandez. The protagonist of the images she looks back and sees a particular tattoo: a black iguana on the right side of the waist. Coincidentally, the 2015 Dancing newly participant has the same drawing, and at the same place. Once the video viralizado, Intruders ... Read More »

And now… Daysi Araujo is trend

Daysi Araujo

Known abroad as the “wife” of the 2011 Copa America in Argentina, the Peruvian starlet Daysi Araujo, is going through a bad time because internal networks is circulating in a porn video. Through a Facebook fan page, Daysi Araujo shown through images sexsuales having relations with an unknown character. So far 20 thousand copies and has thousands of comments. As ... Read More »