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Julieta Rodriguez scandal


The name of the Argentine Julieta Rodriguez returns to appear in several means of the country, after that the rumor of a filming of a new video. It has been reported that in a Facebook account is known the existence of images without image in which you see a girl with features similar to the model having a relationship with ... Read More »

Luna Bella and Nidia Garcia


Nidia Garcia and Luna Bella gave to speak this week and is that Bella Bella went from all this year of having become a Christian to give the scandal of the year in Mexico just before the end of 2016. And is that the two regias made a Transmission In which they were appreciated close together. Nidia García is mentioned ... Read More »

Con alas pa volar


Tito is a little boy whose love for his parents is great, is an only child of the Nieves family, Roberto is a pilot while Pamela is the director of a large advertising agency. The love of the mstrimonio enters into a crisis because of this, Pamela finds the consolation with a tycoon named Adrián Montenegro. Making the school the ... Read More »

Mafia III


It is the third episode of the Mafia series, which is inspired by a criminal world, this third version is improved and has ambiences in the classic era gangsters. Now is a bet on New Orleans. Become virtually a bonnet seek gain power. Platform: PC Developer: Hangar 13 Distributor: 2K Games Genre: Action, Adventures Release: October 7 de 2016   Read More »

Jennifer Lawrence photos?


One of the most popular actresses in recent years has been Jennifer Lawrence who with his unique charisma and beautiful body has conquered all Hollywood. But certainly something that has been a shadow in his career are the photos that have revealed. It seems that this story is repeated as a hacker recently released photos of the actress. the source ... Read More »

Lady Oxxo


Lady Oxxo caused controversy this closing week, this weekend has continued talking about the popular girl, and that in the groups facebook according to our sources, were passing the famous ‘pack’ of the store clerk Mexican convenience . It is said that the photos were revealed by the bride lover girl, that is, lady oxxo was the third wheel of ... Read More »

Scarlett Johansson victim of hackers


Sensual and beautiful Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, would be the latest victim of hackers who have leaked images that appear completely naked. However, for the actress this would be the second time suffers this type of cyber attacks since in 2011 was also a victim of filtration incriminating images. On that occasion the blame for the violation of his privacy ... Read More »

Jocelin Zuckerman trending


Jocelin Zuckerman, a young Mexican actress has caused controversy in social networks because of an alleged video in which she appears, these days has been discussed a lot especially in facebook about the video of the protagonist of the Mexican series “CQ”. And it is that a couple of days ago began circulating a video and images, however worth mentioning ... Read More »

Oscars 2016


The 88th edition of the Oscars, the Academy Awards Hollywood Awards will take place this February 28 at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The gala and delivery of the most anticipated Oscars will take place from 2:30 Spanish time. To follow the 2016 Oscar Awards Live, Channel 24 broadcast a special program hours from 22:30 hours and the Canal ... Read More »

Mireya Zamora causes controversy

Mireya Zamora causes controversy

A few days after the election of mayors, an intimate video appeared where it leaves a very pretty lady who looks very much like the candidate and exmember Mireya Zamora, San Carlos. Parallel on a Facebook account in the name of Zamora, a message is accepted that the video was intimate space with the couple and the cell that was ... Read More »