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La reina de las nieves: El espejo encantado

It tells the story of a friendship between two children, Kay and Gerda. A very cold winter day, the little Kay suffers an eye injury caused by a shard of glass enchanted by The Snow Queen, who takes him to his North Pole ice castle. Your faithful friend Gerda then embarks on a long and magical journey to rescue him. ... Read More »

El recuerdo de Marnie

Anna is a loner, no friends, who lives with his adoptive parents. One day is sent to Mr. and Mrs. Pegg. There, where the sand dunes stretch, he meets a girl named Marnie, who will soon become your best friend. Having learned a lot about friendship, Anna will realize that Marnie is not who he seems … Read More »

El pregón

They swore that never faces can not be but for a reasonable amount of money, are willing to make an exception. The Osorio, forgotten glories of electronic music with Supergalactic group 90 years later brothers have bottomed out, totally forgotten. When we hire to go together to give the opening speech in his hometown they not imagine that they are ... Read More »

El soborno del cielo

Late sixties. A provincial town. Life goes on peacefully until the suicide of Aimer Zapata comes to disturb everything. The new pastor, very intransigent, refusing to give a Catholic burial suicide. The family of the deceased, very religious, challenges the authority of the priest and Aimer buries in the churchyard. Furious, the pastor stop administering any sacrament while not changing ... Read More »

Internet Junkie

The film connects a series of events involving a colonel (Antonio Birabent) found several women who knows the Internet; a Mexican family that shares the fact of being glued to the computer waking hours; a man whose wisdom in Tel Aviv is provided by Youtube, but continues to live with his family without work because he despises the world in ... Read More »

Como ser soltera

There are many ways of being single, but Alice, Robin, Lucy, Meg, Tom and David’s special. New York is a city full of lonely hearts looking for his soulmate. And anywhere between suggestive conversations and one night stands, what these bachelors have in common is the need to know how to be single in a world where love is continually ... Read More »

Ernesto Chavana with Barbara

Through social networks circulates an intimate video where the protagonists are allegedly Ernesto Alejandro Chavana cubes and Barbara, both partners Multimedios. The disclosure of the video virally runs social networks while users identify items (scars and a gold chain) linking the character of the video with the driver Television Monterrey. It is not the first sex scandal partners Multimedios filtering ... Read More »