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Que Dios nos perdone

Madrid, summer 2011. Economic crisis, Movement 15M and half million pilgrims awaiting the arrival of the Pope live in a hot, violent and chaotic than ever Madrid. In this context, the police inspectors Alfaro (Roberto Álamo) and Velarde (Antonio de la Torre) must find what appears to be a serial murderer as soon as possible and noiselessly. This trial will ... Read More »

La playa de los ahogados

One morning the body of a sailor is driftwood to shore. If I had hands tied, Just Castelo would be another son of the sea that found her tomb while it was fishing in the waters. But the ocean has never needed to kill moorings. No witnesses, no trace of the boat of the dead, Inspector Leo Caldas is immersed ... Read More »

El desconocido

Carlos, banking executive, begins his routine morning bringing their children to school. When you start the car, you receive an anonymous call announcing you that you have a bomb under your seat. The voice of a stranger informs him that he has mere hours to gather a large amount of money; if it fails, your car will blow. Read More »

A cambio de nada

Darius, a boy of sixteen, enjoys life with Luismi, his neighbor and friend of the soul. Maintain an unconditional friendship, they are known since they can remember and together they have discovered what they know of life. Dario suffer separation from their parents and runs away from home, fleeing her family hell. Start working on Caralimpia workshop, an old offender ... Read More »