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The Salvation

United States. 1870. By killing the man who murdered his entire family, John awakens the fury of the leader Delarue. The peaceful pioneer no longer has the support of the cowardly and corrupt inhabitants of the village will have to seek the criminal on his own. Will he be able to return to the people their soul? Read More »


A parent does not have the means to pay the medical treatment of his daughter. As a last resort, it is associated with a greedy colleague to rob a casino. When things go wrong, they are forced to kidnap a bus in the city. Read More »


TV Series (2005-Present). A mysterious phone message from his father, who has long since left the family home does, leads the Winchester brothers Dean and Sam to California. Although there are his father, discovered her diary, in which they try to find clues that will help them destroy the evil spirit as his father, he is responsible for the death ... Read More »

Grey’s Anatomy

TV Series (2005-Present). The famous Seattle Grace Hospital is the scenario in which the lives of five young people who, after graduating in medicine, start there a hard period of testing is developed. The series has been described as a cross between “ER” and “Sex and the City” in the interest of both intrigues and medical cases. The frenetic activity ... Read More »