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El hilo rojo

A Chinese legend tells that an invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The yarn can stretch or contract, but never break. Manuel (Benjamín Vicuña) and Abril (China Suárez) seem to be bound by this infallible fate. After meeting in a plane, they feel that they are the one for the ... Read More »


Comedy that revolves around a young couple who decides to take a “permitted” in the relationship. The conflict will arise after the male protagonist is reunited with the woman he had an affair. Read More »


The story has its beginning with the arrival of a couple from Spain to the country. Both are in Argentina for a holiday, but it thickens and darkens when they are kidnapped by a drug gang. Read More »

La memoria del agua

A couple loves and dissolves slowly after a painful loss … “The Memory of Water” is a reflection on the difficulties of a couple facing extreme crisis and the hard struggle they have to rebuild their relationship. Read More »

El bosque de Karadima

El bosque de Karadima

Starring by Luis Gnecco and Benjamin Vicuna, it is based on real events: the allegations of abuse against the Chilean priest Fernando Karadima. The research process to reconstruct the history lasted three years. Read More »

Los hombres de Paco

TV series (2005-2010). 9 seasons. 117 episodes. Narrates in a tone of black humor professional and personal adventures of a group of policemen in a big city neighborhood. Paco Miranda (Paco Tous), a good-natured and unable to cope with critical situations inspector, has two henchmen: Mariano (Pepón Nieto) and Lucas (Hugo Silva). There are three losers who live all kinds ... Read More »