Soccer Players in scandal


A new scandal splashed team and this time involved are Sergi Enrich and Antonio Luna, who have staged aan adventure with a woman and the video went viral on social networks.1475757346_189987_1475757691_noticia_normal

Players who have not denied the incriminating images issued a statement and apologized.

“We are aware that as professional footballers should set an example in all areas, especially children, which is why we apologize if this incident could hurt someone,” they explained both players.

As he said the news portal the two players insist that the video corresponds “to the recording of an intimate and private act, carried out between consenting adults by all”.

Enrich and Moon also ask forgiveness “for the damage that may involve the disclosure of the video image of the third person involved in it”.

Lamenting the damage to its image and especially the image of the club, “whose colors stand for.”

According to Spanish media, video, in which both players appear next to a young, she could have been spread by another player who is no longer on the team and was the one who recorded the scene.



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