Márama – Rombai: El Viaje


It started as a game of friends and became a dream come true. “The trip” reflects the dizzying tour of the members of Marama and Rombai, a path marked by success, sacrifice, responsibility and how it affects their lives and those of their families. A group of young people from different neighborhoods that some in college and others are known through social networks, decided to form a band. In little over a year they are become overwhelming success in Uruguay and elsewhere in Latin America. The film is shown through the story of its protagonists, the experiences of a group of young, mostly under 21, facing success and fame without any preparation, must quickly adapt to the changes that must take day to day. The overwhelming success of these young people, accompanied by sacrifices, the separation from family and friends, but that does not detract fascination with experiencing this dream came true. The story seeks to reflect the inspirational spirit in which these young people have gained success that initially did not seek. A success based on talent, charisma, work and in fact have been encouraged to dream.


Title: Márama – Rombai: El Viaje
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