Ivana Nadal on the filtration photos


Ivana Nadal, model and TV personality that attracts attention in perfect Escape, made news this week by becoming another victim of hackers famous who spread his intimate photos on social networks. This is some images and videos that the model sent privately to a couple two months ago and the first weekend circulated by WhatsApp and then viralizaron in different media.

Ivana Nadal

After endless speculation about who would be the author of this content filtering -were marked by public opinion his last exparejas-, the model decided to break the silence in dialogue with Intruders and said he felt “very ashamed.” “I am ashamed for my family. I am ashamed to return to work and look at all,” he said in a moving testimony in dialogue with Intruders. But Ivana said he will not deal with the legal actions against or culprits.. “We do not want to give prominence to a person who eats and is happy to see suffer another person will not spend energy on that they were going to occupy the channel and the agency. ”
Nadal was told how they knew what was circulating in networks: “.. When I learned of this situation was surrounded by producers of the show were with me wanted a rope out of my body,” he said. “I would leave and come back in a month when all this is forgotten but I can not. Tomorrow I have to go back to work,” he said.
“It was always very neat with my work. I am model ten years ago. I went to never say anything, not date anyone. And suddenly this happens and it’s like a punch in the face,” he lamented. Intruders in the panel was to interview Marina Calabro, who a short time ago was also a victim of hacking. Marina snapped and tried to show him that would be able to get through this time, it was not a tragedy: “I’ll tell you what Ileana [Calabro, his sister] to me said: ‘Marina, we died Dad'” comforted journalist.


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