La reina del sur


TV Series (2011). 63 episodes. La Reina del Sur is the television adaptation of the literary success of the same name by Spanish author Arturo Perez-Reverte. It chronicles the rise of a Mexican woman in the world of international drug trafficking. Teresa Mendoza began his adventure as a humble young man in love with a pilot employed by the Mexican cartels. When running your man desperate Teresa will have to flee to avoid the same fate. His escape the south of Spain take where he tries to start a new life. But once again it will be mixed into the world of drug trafficking and a second time will suffer the death of the beloved man. After several blows Teresa decides to take charge of their destiny and begins to direct his own organization. Through strategic alliances and a keen business sense Teresa Mendoza “The Mexican” control a distribution business as intercontinental drug had ever seen. But success comes with both a high personal price in which Teresa vera committed happiness and heart.


Title: La reina del sur
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