Third Watch


TV Series 132 chapters (1999-2005). Stories about police, firefighters and ambulances New York. Kim Zambrano (Raver) and Bobby Caffey (Cannavale) are 55-2 ATS team. Young but seasoned, are delivered completely to his work, trying to help their patients. Monte “Doc” Parker (Beach) represents the other side of the coin, it’s a man I disappointed you have to teach your new partner (Ruivivar) the ropes, from facing a tragedy, to go beyond what is necessary to help the community. In the firefighter Jim Doherty (Cibrian) professional tenacity contrasts with their irresponsible personal life. Burning buildings, traffic accidents, crimes and domestic emergencies are cases faced by these unsung heroes.

Police District 55 he made his rounds. Supercop hungry mentality of glory Maurice “Bosco” Boscorelli (Wiles) irritates his suffering partner Faith Yokas (Price), married with two children mother. Bosco’s style when it comes to enforcing the law does not fit well with the veteran cop John “Sully” Sullivan, who does not want to be assigned as rookie teammate Ty Davis Jr., son of his former partner in action .

Created by one of the creators of “ER” (ER), John Wells. Christopher Chulack, also responsible for the hospital series of Michael Crichton, directed several episodes of “Third Watch”.


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