Star Trek: The Next Generation


TV series (1987-1994). 7 seasons. 176 episodes. The series (aka “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) is based on the universe of Star Trek; and history almost a century later (XXIV century) that presented in the original series, showing a ship and a new crew is developed. The episodes feature the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), a Galaxy class ship designed for exploration and diplomacy, but prepared for battle if necessary. Its captain is the intellectual and charismatic Jean-Luc Picard. As in the original series, the crew gets to know new and powerful technologically advanced races; and generally it tends to peaceful negotiation as a means to resolve conflicts. Although the need to observe the Prime Directive (which states that the Federation should not interfere in the development of cultures whose technological level does not allow them to interstellar travel), leading in many cases to disputes between the protagonists. The plot of many episodes develops around time travel, personal affairs of the protagonists, natural disasters in the galaxy or in planets and other arguments that do not necessarily require the appearance of aliens.


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