Instant Star


TV series (2004-2008). 4 seasons. 52 episodes. Jude Harrison (Alexz Johnson) is a teenage girl that life changes radically when he wins a contest of young talent. He soon discovers that the music industry is not as wonderful as the painting and have to deal with many problems, but always guided by its producer Tom Quincy (Tim Rozon), which falls in love and maintained a love-hate along series. You also need to solve the problems of adolescence, such as feelings of his best friend, Jamie; and various relationships with rapper Shay or Vincent Spiederman (Tyler Kyte) which is their guitarist; problems with their parents, cope with his older sister, Sadie (Laura Vandervoort); friendship and rivalry. All the while striving to achieve a career in music recording album on the company G-Major Records.


Title: Instant Star
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