Buffy the Vampire Slayer


TV Series (1997-2003). 7 seasons. 144 episodes. Young Buffy and her mother move from Los Angeles to the town of Sunnydale. In the basement of the people inhabiting the Master, the oldest and most powerful vampire in existence. The Master is trapped in the mystical place called La Boca del Infierno, the Master try to open when, because of an earthquake, trapped since decades. In Sunnydale Buffy also knows Willow and Xander, who become friends and, inadvertently, the need to help in their fight against the Master. Xander falls for Buffy since the first sees, not realizing that Willow, her best friend loves him since childhood. Besides this Giles, the school librarian, a watchman or observer, that has always been dedicated to train and guide Slayers, but not directly involved in the fight against vampires. In addition Buffy knows a mysterious ally, named Angel, which falls in love. But it is an impossible love, because Angel is a vampire, but by a gypsy curse he regained his soul and now fighting them.


Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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