Hotel Transylvania 2


Everything seems to be changing for the better in the Hotel Transylvania … The rigid policy of “monsters only” established by Dracula to the hotel, has finally relaxed and have also opened doors to human hosts. But coffin for inside, Dracula is worried when her lovely grandson Dennis, half human and half vampire, shows no sign of being a vampire. So while Mavis is busy visiting their human laws in company Johny – and immersed herself in her own culture shock – the grandfather Dracula recruits his friends Frank, Murray, Wayne and Dennis Griffin to go through camp ” training monsters. ” What they do not realize is that the grumpy, and the very, very, very old guard, father of Dracula, Vlad, is about to visit family in the hotel. And when Vlad discovers that his great-grandson is not pure blood – and that humans are also now welcome at the Hotel Transylvania – things are going to get complicated. Sequel to Hotel Transylvania


Title: Hotel Transylvania 2
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